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12 August 2015

Today we have a collaboration with the lovely Puja from BerryBloomXO. We're going to be chatting all things nails!

I'm Puja and I run a beauty & lifestyle blog at BerryBloomXO. I have the honour to write a post on Kirstie's lovely blog! As you already see a segment of the Manicure Menu on here, you know that it's all about picking 5 nail colours that we're currently loving. Today, I'm taking over with a SUMMER EDITION. I hope you like it!

There’s definitely a vast difference between summer and winter nail colours in the mainstream beauty/fashion industry, but for me, there are some that last year round. I’m talking the go-to greys and always-in-season reds, if you know what I mean! Yet, during each season, I pick out a few colours that I set outside my nail polish box, so they’re easily reachable and great for that time of year. Here are my picks for this summer:

Minty blue tones are my current obsession, so it was impossible not to pick up Kiwi by Barry M for the summer season. I must say, the gelly shine finish (Read: Barry M Watermelon Gelly) is my favourite from the Barry M range! 

I love nude colours all year round, and the Ciaté one is the one I most lean towards. It’s perfect for the summer as it’s pretty understanded, which is quite the contrary to the neon and bright colours that people generally opt for during this time of year. Nonetheless, I love the understated look (MINIMALISTS UNITE!). 

White is generally a great colour to show off your tan, however, I’m not one for an all over white nail colour. Nevertheless, I would use it when I’m doing nail art. I say nail art but I mean a simple striped pattern, maybe. Okay, only on one accent nail – I am not talented enough to create straight, perfect lines on all nails! 

See that grey there, called cappuccino? That’s my go-to grey. My year round, all the time, whenever I want to… grey. I absolutely love the shade. In fact, my bedroom is painted a grey because I love the chic vibe the colour represents. 

Finally, the limited edition colour by Barry M. I have used this baby a lot. In fact, I’ve completed half of the bottle and how often does that happen? Not very often, let me tell you! It’s a pretty pink colour that can be built up to a purple-y shade. I’ve got it on right now, and I love it! It screams summer without being too in-your-face. That’s it for the Manicure Menu: Summer Edit! Those are the 5 colours you’ll see me wearing for the next few weeks!

Let me know, what is your go-to shade for the summer?

Love, PUJA x

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