Tanya Burr Hollywood Eye Palette

29 August 2015

Tanya Burr Cosmetics Hollywood Eye Palette

Tanya Burr first released her cosmetics collection back in 2014 and recently gave it a revamp to include some fabulous new products. I posted a first impressions of the collection earlier on in the week which you can read here. One of the products I knew I had to own as soon as I saw the details on Tanya's blog was the Hollywood Eye Palette (£6). Visually the combination of shades are gorgeous, but I was most looking forward to getting stuck in, swatching and testing out the quality of the shadows. Obviously Tanya knows her stuff, having been a makeup artist and all-round beauty guru for years, so I hoped that she would be taking pointers from the best beauty brands for her own collection.

Tanya Burr Cosmetics Hollywood Eye Palette Packaging

The packaging of the Hollywood Eye Palette is lovely, with great attention to detail. The palette, which is housed in cardboard packaging, is embossed with rose gold and pink detailing, and although is a bit childish, you can't deny that it is super cute. Despite not including any brushes (which is a good thing, drugstore application tools tend to go straight in the bin anyway), the packaging is pretty chunky. One annoying thing is that although the palette opens sideways, the inside of the palette is orientated a different way. It is a small thing that probably won't bother most people, but I just don't get why they don't keep it the same. I feel like although the pink is pretty, the outside of the Hollywood Eye Palette just isn't as classy looking as the inside, and here you can tell that the range is still geared towards Tanya's young audience.

Tanya Burr Cosmetics Hollywood Eye Palette Inside

Inside the palette is a heart shaped mirror (big bonus points for adorableness) and four eyeshadow shades. Nude Delight is a matte cream, and has decent pigmentation, which is where pale shades usually struggle. Next up we have Gold Coin, a yellow-toned gold shade (obviously), with a shimmery finish. Bookworm is a warm russet brown, with more of a satin finish than Gold Coin. This reminds me of a combination of the 'enhance' and 'smoke' shades in the Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita Palette, although the pigmentation is in no way comparable. I find the entire Hollywood Eye Palette very reminiscent of the Charlotte Tilbury quads (which are my favourite eyeshadows to date). This goes from the 'highlight, lid, smoke and pop' setup to the fourth and final shade, Enchantment. This is very similar to the corresponding shadow in the Dolce Vita Palette. It is a bronze shade with chunks of glitter which lead towards a gritty feel. I would use it in a similar way to the Charlotte Tilbury, and pat it onto the finished eye look with my finger. The bronze comes through more in the Tanya Burr version, so you can build it up as a lid shade, again using your finger to avoid glitter fallout.

Tanya Burr Cosmetics Hollywood Eye Palette Swatches

The shadows in the Hollywood Eye Palette are soft (if a bit powdery) and a decent level of pigmentation can be built up. I wouldn't say that these are the best eyeshadows from the drugstore (Collection palettes take the top spot) and personally I think the gold is a little too yellow-toned for my cool skin, however the shades compliment each other really well. For £6 I think this is could make an almost dupe for the Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita Palette, and  is an affordable and cute addition to your makeup collection, especially if you love Tanya Burr.

Have you tried anything from Tanya Burr's range?



  1. I've been searching for a review of this palette so I was so happy to see this be uploaded! Thank you so much for such an indepth review! I was palling on oicking this up anyway but after seeing the swatches and you comparing it to Charlotte Tilbury, I'll definitely need this now! xx

    1. *planning *picking .. A blogger that can't even type a comment, gosh that looks just great doesn't it haha

    2. Ah I'm obviously psychic! I'm really glad you've found this useful, let me know what you think of the palette if you do try it!

      Kirstie x


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