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31 August 2015

The August Playlist Music iPod Dr Dre Beats

This month I really got into searching for new music, and ended up downloading about a hundred tracks. When it comes to compiling the monthly playlists you see on this blog, I pop all the tracks I've downloaded in that month in a playlist, then at the end of the month I sort them by their play count. The top 10 then become my playlist! Bit nerdy I know, but it's fun to do, and I love looking back on playlists and thinking about the memories attached to the songs.

This month's playlist is a complete mix between mainstream and some more chilled, housey tunes. All in all, it definitely has a summer feel! My most played track this month was one I featured on the blog as my Song of the Week, and that is Thieves by The Beach. It starts off as a soft acoustic track with folksy vocals and builds to a piano-led crescendo. I wouldn't necessarily class myself as a Little Mix fan, but Black Magic is just so unbelievably catchy and it has a fun Madonna vibe. Gotta Getaway and Love are such fun dance tracks, and although I didn't go away this year, they bring to mind sun-soaked pool parties on Balearic Islands.

I hope you enjoy this summery playlist, and find some awesome new tracks to add to your music library!

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