Bloggers and Perfume Reviews Just Don't Mix

2 September 2015

Bloggers, we need to talk... If you were looking to buy a fragrance, what's the number one thing you would want to see in a review? What it smells like, right? It seems to be a trend that bloggers are notoriously crap at describing scents, and they aren't afraid to admit that. But guys... a perfume review that states a perfume smells "nice"? Ain't nobody got time for that... 

Scent in general is one of my passions. Whether it is perfume or candles, if it smells good, I'm obsessed. I do feature candles quite a lot on this blog, but perfume is something that is featured less often. I have so many perfumes and am a tiny bit huge bit obsessed with researching notes of a fragrance on Fragrantica, constantly searching for my next scent purchase, so it only seems right that my favourite scents get their moment too.

I try not to do half-arsed reviews, so my aim is to give a comprehensive look at each fragrance, from its notes, to my honest opinions. Despite being one of my favourite things, I'm a picky old soul. I've had many a 'mare when it comes to perfume, from blind-buying fails to my recent onset of migraines. As a rule, I don't tend to like super sweet perfumes, such as the current trend of gourmand orientals, or the heavily fruity celebrity perfumes that are tinged with cloying musk.

A think a quest we can all identify with is trying to find that signature scent. When people smell "the one", I want people to say 'Oh that smells like Kirstie'. I'm yet to find my signature, although I've been pretty infatuated with Diptyque Philosykos for the past year. If anything, this new feature will document my fragrance journey and hopefully recommend you a new scent or two. Of course I don't mean to offend anyone, so if you think you write a killer fragrance review, link me up!

Have you found your signature scent yet?

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  1. I agree sometimes perfume reviews are just ****. One of my favourite scents at the moment has to be the Prada Candy Perfume x
    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave


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