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27 September 2015

Boots Christmas 2015 Gift Guide

For the last few weeks I've been frantically checking the Boots website, eagerly awaiting their Christmas range. It's always super exciting to get my hands on their Christmas catalogue, and spend a lazy hour or two circling the things I hope to see under my tree (blimey, it is a bit early for all this stuff isn't it!). 

I was obsessed with the Jack Wills Hope Cove fragrance a few years ago, and this year I'm going to make a point of picking up the Body Spray Trio (£10). I love body sprays and these should be really nice to spritz on for lazy days and times when I don't want a heavy perfume. I always love the look of the hand wash/cream duos as I think they look so pretty by the sink, and I really rate the minimalist look of the French Connection Twice as Handy set (£10). MAJOR snaps for the name too!. Finally on the body front is the deliciously festive sounding Spiced Apple Body Butter (£4), which would make a really affordable stocking-filler and even comes housed in a bauble!

Boots always have some really lovely bits for the kitchen, and my heart skipped a beat when I saw this Laura Ashley Rolling Pin (£16). Yes, you read that right, a rolling pin. It does look really beautiful with it's blue floral detailing and would make a really great investment if you're looking to start a home. 

The final two items have a bit of a cutesy pastel theme. There's nothing quite as cool as a unicorn, and I completely fell for this Aroma Home Plush Unicorn Hottie (£14). This is just what you need on chilly winter days, and I know this little guy would look adorable sat on my pastel bed covers. I also really loved the look of these NPW Hair Ties (£5). I tried similar ones to these from Urban Outfitters and I just found them so comfortable in the hair, especially if you tie your hair up for bed, and they look really cute too. 

I hope you've enjoyed my Boots Christmas wishlist/gift guide. I apologise if it's a little early, I was just so damn excited!

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