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17 September 2015

Reve Hyalu Purifying Mattifying Cream and Purifying Mask. Adishakti Trading

Rêve Hyalu is an organic Italian skincare brand set to hit UK department stores this autumn. The brand, which specialises in hyaluronic acid-enriched formulas, is already available in the US via Sephora and Amazon. If it's got the Sephora seal of approval, it's good enough for me. Details of the launch are being kept hush-hush for the time being, but you can exclusively get your hands on the products direct from Adishakti Trading, even before they launch in stores. For the past few weeks, I've been trialling two products from the brand, the MP710 Purifying Mask* and the CP510 Purifying Mattifying Cream*.

Rêve Hyalu, which launched in 2013, holds hyaluronic acid at the very core of the product line. A bit of a buzzword at the moment in the world of skincare, Hyaluronic acid is naturally found in human connective tissue, and acts to retain shape and elasticity of the skin. As we get older, our internal hyaluronic acid production centre slows, so the skin gradually gets weaker, more dehydrated and exhibits classic signs of ageing such as wrinkling. Hyaluronic acid does a really awesome job of plumping up the skin, making it more hydrated and looking and feeling healthier.

Rêve Hyalu prides its products on being free of parabens, SLS and animal by-products. Their range is also fiercley dermatologically tested and is formulated to be kind on even the most sensitive of skins. Both of the products I tried were particularly heavy on ingredients with soothing properties, and this just shows the amount of thought that goes into the formulations. Being the product of many years of research, all the ingredients have a specific purpose, maximising the effectiveness of your skincare.

Reve Hyalu Purifying Mattifying Cream and Purifying Mask. Adishakti Trading

I picked out products from the range that I thought would best benefit my skin. As a girl with oily skin, I seem to make a beeline for anything that promises to clear my pesky pores. For this reason I've actually lost count of the number of purifying masks I have in my stash. Does that stop me from having the desire to try every new mask that comes on the market? Sure as hell it doesn't!

The MP710 Purifying Mask (£19.50) is a kaolin/white clay mask. Kaolin is a mineral compound which is particularly active in exchanging substances with the tissues it comes into contact with, which is why it is so good at purifying the skin. It has the ability to simultaneously absorb toxins, remove dead skin cells, purify pores and prevent blackhead formation. Kaolin also has soothing qualities. Another ingredient that is particularly soothing is calmine is calamine, or pink clay again favours substance exchange, so is great for congested skin.

Being just a clay mask clearly isn't enough for the MP710. It contains papaya extract, which is a source of fruit enzymes or AHAs. An ingredient that has had quite a lot of hype over the past few months, these AHAs are a great gentle chemical exfoliator, and are also really rejuvenating for the skin too, leaving a smooth and bright canvas. Amongst the more moisturising ingredients are sweet almond oil and propolis, which provide nourishment to dull, dry skin.

The Rêve Hyalu Purifying Mask left my skin really soft and smooth, as well well as looking clear and balanced. I find that it is a really gentle way to mask up, as a lot of purifying masks can be really harsh and drying on the skin. The only downside is that there aren't any instructions on the tube regarding how long to leave the mask on for. I later discovered this can be found on the outer packaging. Although the tins are pretty, I'm sure most people discard the excess packaging. The mask has a (supposedly) green tea scent which I find pleasant and not too strong, but it is the packaging that is the real winner here. The slim black tube not only looks unique but the pump disposal means that not a drop of mask gets wasted. This is especially handy if you are one of those people that uses different masks on different areas of the face. The pump is also much more hygienic than a tub of product. 

Reve Hyalu Purifying Mattifying Cream and Purifying Mask. Adishakti Trading

As soon as I saw the word "mattifying", I was sold. The CP510 Purifying Mattifying Cream (£22.50) contains a variety of different ingredients, including Zinc Oxide which acts against redness, soothes and mattifyes the skin. You may have heard of Zinc Oxide as it is the main component of the cult toner, La Roche Posay Serozinc. The Purifying Mattyifying Cream also contains lemon juice, with brightening and astringent properties, turmeric extract which rebalances and acts against excess sebum. and aloe vera extract, amongst other ingredients.

This moisturiser manages to be lightweight whilst still providing enough hydration for my oily skin. It applies with a velvety smooth cream texture, and to my surprise left a matte finish behind. This moisturiser could also double up as a really great primer for your makeup. It didn't wear too heavy or greasy throughout the day and I think it is great if you are looking for something that is quite lightweight but still gives a good amount of hydration. The only downside really for me is the scent. I find it much stronger than the scent of the mask, although it isn't something you notice once it is on your face.

I have been pretty impressed with both of the products I have tried. Rêve Hyalu is definitely a skincare brand to watch in the future, and I am excited to see where the UK launch takes them. They have a great core range of products for all skin types and are well worth exploring. If you are a blogger and would like to get your hands on some of the Rêve Hyalu products before the launch, the lovely people at Adishakti Trading have given me permission to share the sign-up form to get your samples!

I'm addicted to clay masks. What's your skincare weakness?

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