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23 September 2015

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There is nothing that can make you more self conscious than a blemish on your face. They are majorly caused by stress or oil-clogged pores. You wake up in the morning only to find a sore pimple on your face. That is when you know it is not going to be a good day. Everyone you meet, the first thing they will be seeing is the little flaw on your face. But that does not have to be case. There are many ways to conceal those annoying flaws. Acne scars or pigmentation spots don’t have to make you less beautiful than you actually are. It doesn't have to be a bad day. Try the following routine and you will be sure to conceal the blemishes.

1) Wash your face with the facial cleanser that you normally use. Ensure to use lukewarm water. Once the face is clean, pat dry with a clean towel. If you are dealing with acne, now is the right time to apply any medication you might be using.

2) Ensure you have a foundation, concealer and face powder to match your skin tone to avoid drawing more attention to the blemish. Base products should match your complexion, not lighter or darker.

3) Ensure you are not allergic to any of the products. You can apply the concealer and powder on a hidden spot like the neck to test for any reaction. This will help in case you are allergic and it reacts. Your face won’t be affected, adding more salt to the injury.

4) Apply foundation and concealer on your face using a makeup sponge or brush. Using fingers is not recommended as this may be used as a road to transfer germs or oil, leading to more breakouts. Apply the concealer on each and every blemish, then blend it with a sponge or brush. Leave it for a while to dry out.

5) Gently dab the normal foundation you use on your face. Dabbing ensures you don’t disturb the concealer. After application, check to see if the blemishes can be still seen. If yes, you may need to dab some more foundation on the flaw. Blend it in very carefully, and ensure to fan the edges out to avoid leaving any separation lines.

6) After ensuring the blemishes cannot be seen, apply the face powder. It will tone down any shine from the foundation and at the same time set the makeup, making it less likely to smear or fade. It also evens out your skin tone making your face stunningly beautiful. An oil-free powder is highly recommended for this.

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1) The brushes you use in every step should be clean to avoid transfer of oils and germs that might lead to more breakouts or blemishes. Clean the brushes after you finish applying the makeup and keep them in a clean place to be used next time.

2) Put an end to usage of any product that might cause irritation or lead to new blemishes/ rashes. It might show you are allergic to them and there is no need to make the condition worse.

3) Having makeup on when you are asleep should be avoided. It causes your pores to be clogged and thus no oxygen is seeping into your skin. The result will be more breakouts, which is exactly what you are trying to avoid. Another thing is it will make your sheets dirtier. Cleanse your face before retiring to bed.

4) Salicylic acid found in most concealers help heal acne scars. Thus, after using for a certain amount of time, you will actually heal the blemishes and won’t require using the concealer again. Isn't that amazing?

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Concealing blemishes is an easy task. It helps you feel more confident about your appearance. If your blemish is just a small spot, you can use a brown or black eye pencil to fill it in and make it look like a beauty mark. We won’t tell you are hiding a pimple. Invest in a quality makeup kit as the low quality ones might be doing you more damage than good. After all is said and done, don’t forget to enjoy your day.

Written by Ella James. All images by Kirstie Melville.

Ella James is an aspiring author who is pursuing a degree in Health Services Administration from St. Petersburg College. She likes reading and writing about health, fitness and lifestyle news, and contributes regularly to Consumer Health Digest, a leading health news site. Make sure you follow Ella on Twitter and Facebook to stay connected!

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