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13 September 2015

L>R Sun & Sand, Tropical Fruit, Sweet Champagne

Back in my 23 Before I Turn 23 post, I spoke about wanting to finish a candle before my birthday (6th October FYI). so I've been really trying to burn a little more frequently. This past week has been all about the summery scents as we've had a bit of an Indian Summer situation. I've whipped the fruity scents back out, along with a few pre-fall favourites too.

Primark Sweet ChampagneI'm going to start off by talking about the only non-Yankee scent in the mix. I bought this 3-wick tin of Sweet Champagne around three years ago, but Primark always have a great range of affordable candles. Sweet Champagne is sweet, sugary, musky and deep and is perfect to burn when the nights are drawing in. This makes a lovely bedroom scent and the tin is really pretty too.

Yankee Candle Tropical FruitThis long-retired scent is described by Yankee Candle as being "A luscious mix of sunny sweet, fresh-picked mangos and bananas with an irresistible touch of jasmine." I ordered a couple of tarts from eBay after being tempted by it's floral fruity combination. I was really disappointed as I found that it just had a generic fruit scent. I have to wonder whether my tarts have been in hiding for a bit too long as the overall scent was that typical 'Yankee Candle store' scent, all their fragrances rolled into one.

Yankee Candle Sun & SandBack to one of my favourites (number 3 in my top 10 most burned of 2014) and one that I felt I should burn whilst summer is still here. Sun & Sand (tumbler £14.49) is a beautiful combination of "sweet orange flower, lemony citrus, fresh lavender and powdery musk". This is a really fresh, clean scent and it's beachy vibes never go amiss when it is warm outside. The 2-wick tumbler pools in about an hour and a half so it is perfect when I don't have long and it is so strong! You can read my full review here.

Yankee Candle Vanilla LimeAfter seeing someone mention Vanilla Lime on the Team Yankee Facebook group, it reminded me how much I loved the scent. It was the very first wax tart I bought, and reminds me of being away at Uni. If any one is familiar with the Soap & Glory Sugar Crush products, this is it in candle form! Zingy lime is combined with sweet, creamy vanilla to leave a beautifully well-rounded scent.

Yankee Candle Fireside TreatsFinally we have a more autumn appropriate one. I've been enjoying burning Fireside Treats alongside cosy evenings in. It is a sweet, sugary scent that is a nice alternative to vanilla. It definitely isn't as sweet as Yankee's Christmas favourite, Merry Marshmallow, and some say it's a little smoky and outdoorsy. I find Fireside Treats a really cosy and comforting scent and it's been so nice to rediscover it as it is getting cooler. 

What have you been burning recently?
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