Perfume: Cheryl StormFlower

26 October 2015

Cheryl StormFlower Perfume Review Giveaway

Now that the X Factor is back in full swing, I thought it was high time I gave the nation's golden girl a bit of love. Whilst the X Factor format has gotten a bit dry, I cannot help tuning in to check out Cheryl Tweedy Cole Fernandez-Versini's outfits and makeup looks. She is honestly the dreamiest, and who wouldn't want to be her? Smelling like her is as close as I'm gonna get...

Cheryl's first fragrance StormFlower, was released last summer as an eau de parfum. The name is said to reflect the scent of the air after the storm, and there is an emphasis on the fragrance being pure, fresh and floral. It has been designed with Cheryl's personality in mind; feminine, sophisticated and elegant. The packaging and bottle also reflect this. An ornate flower adorns the lid of the perfume, reminiscent of Marc Jacobs' efforts. The bottle sits proudly in the base of the box, like a piece of prized jewellery.

Cheryl StormFlower Perfume Review Giveaway

On to the elixir, and StormFlower opens with notes of mandarin and syrupy nectar, with a floral heart of freesia and peach blossom. The base goves the fragrance some warmth, with soft vanilla, white musk and sandalwood notes. Whilst it has been said that Cheryl wanted this to be a refreshing and light perfume, I find this more on the heavier, musky side of things. The peach is the dominant scent here, intertwined with the sandalwood, to create a sophisticated scent perfect for the cooler months. It lasts the entire day, which is very rare for a scent in this price bracket (priced from £23.95 for 30ml).

It is a pleasant change not to see Cheryl's face plastered all over the box, which gives a hint about the target audience for the fragrance. I feel like this is aimed at all the people who loved Girls Aloud in their peak years, and who have now grown up, rather than a younger teen audience.

Cheryl StormFlower Perfume Review Giveaway

Overall I think that Cheryl (or rather her perfumers) did a great job at creating a scent that isn't a carbon copy of every other sickly sweet candyfloss fragrance on the market. I particularly love the design of the bottle, and look forward to trying Cheryl's other scents; StormFlower Eau de Toilette and most recently, StormFlower Noir.

I also bought one of the 30ml bottles to gift to one of you lucky lot to say thank you for all your support. To enter, all you need to be doing is following me on Twitter and Bloglovin'. There are extra entries available to boosts your chances, including visiting the Kimamely Beauty Facebook page and following on Pinterest. Full details can be found below in the Rafflecopter widget.

Terms and Conditions

This giveaway will be UK only due to postage restrictions on fragrances, and it will remain open from 27th October 2015 for two weeks until 10th November 2015 at 0:00 GMT.

The winner will be drawn at random using the Rafflecopter widget providing the entries have been completed correctly, and notified via email on the 11th November. 

The winner will be given 28 days to respond, to keep it fair and in line with current guidelines. In the event that the winner does not respond, a new winner will be chosen. 

I will send the wrapped, brand new Cheryl StormFlower EDP via Royal Mail Recorded Delivery. 

As always, I never discriminate against compers and they are more than welcome to enter any giveaway on this blog.

Good luck! 

Who would be your dream celebrity to make a perfume?

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