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12 October 2015

Korome Re:cipe Blackhead Patch Korean Skincare

Earlier on in the year, UK-based Korean skincare website KorOme gave me the chance to try sheet masks for the first time (post here), and it's safe to say I was hooked. Fast forward a few months, and the site has had a complete revamp. After customers were singing the praise of natural brand Re:cipe, KorOme took the plunge and decided to stock an edited selection of their products, a few of which I've been road-testing over the past few weeks. 

The first product shown above is the Special 3-step Black Head Patch* (£4.49). This contains 3 separate patches to draw out blackheads from the nose. The first patch contains lemon extract, which softens blackheads and whiteheads, ready to be drawn out by a pine charcoal patch. The final step is a hydrogel sheet, with green tea extract. This calms the skin and tightens the pores. The packaging of the patches is in an adorable pastel kawaii style, which I love, and even though it is expensive for a single-use product, it would make a fab addition to a proper pamper session. I haven't had chance to use these patches yet as my blackheads haven't been too bad recently, but I'm really looking forward to whipping them out when my nose needs it!

Next we have the Black Bean Eye Patch* (£2.49), a concept I've wanted to try for a really long time as I suffer with serious dark circles. I was expecting that the patches would be made from a similar serum-soaked cloth to the sheet masks, however I was wrong. These came out as rubbery sheets which stayed on the eye area a hella lot better than any cloth mask would have done. The only thing I can compare them to is those gel cushions you get to stop heels rubbing! I found these antioxidant-laden patches nicely cooling and after 30 minutes, my eye area looked less puffy and a little less dark. They are pretty affordable so would make a great little pick me up after those late night Netflix sessions. 

Korome Re:cipe Dong Hae Water Moisture Cream Korean Skincare

This moisturiser, oh my it has stolen my heart. The Dong Hae Water Moisture Cream* (£29.99 for 50ml + 20ml) is a lightweight gel that seriously packs a punch when it comes to hydration. My skin has never felt as soft as this the next morning after using this. It has yo-yo/memory foam technology, so it is a lighter alternative to a few of the bouncy sleep masks that have made their way over here in recent months. The scent may be a slight downside to this cream if you don't like strong fragrances in your skincare, but after a while I started to enjoy the aquatic scent. I really looked forward to using the Dong Hae Moisture Cream in the evenings, and I feel like it is perfect for my oily skin now that the weather is cooler and I'm wanting something with more hydration. 

Korome Re:cipe Slowganic Sheet Masks Korean Skincare

Finally, we have a selection of the Pu:Recipe Slowganic Sheet Masks* (£5.49 for 3). I adore these kinds of serum-soaked sheet masks as I find them so cooling and hydrating on my skin. I have the grape (linked above), tangerine and peach varieties, with each having slightly different benefits. Grape extract is said to be effective against acne, as well as maintaining skin elasticity, whilst peach is super moisturising and tangerine, brightening. Sheet masks are my go-to whenever I'm tired, hungover or headachey, and Korean ones tend to be so much more effective than any of the Western masks that I've tried. 

Korome Re:cipe Slowganic Sheet Masks Korean Skincare

Again I've been really impressed with the products from KorOme. I'm not 100% sure I could live without the Dong Hae Moisture Cream, and I love the fact that you can buy the entire set (including toner, essence and emulsion) for just a tenner more than the moisturiser alone. When I restock on the masks, I'll definitely be including the uber-brightening Tomato Sheet Masks in my order. KorOme also stock a 7 Day Mask Set which includes some cool varieties that aren't available individually, including bamboo and green plum. This would also be a great place to start if you are new to sheet masks.


*Post contains PR Samples kindly provided by Merumaya. All views are my own. 

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