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20 October 2015

Mirabilia Olive Leaf Tea Review

I love the Mediterranean. Whilst I've never been to Italy, some of my favourite holidays have been in Greece, and when I'm home I'm all about topping up on the sunny scents, even on chilly autumn days like today. The only thing missing is the nostalgic drink. I mean sure, iced cocktails totally remind you of holidays, but they can hardly be an everyday occurrence now can they? However something I do drink everyday is tea. I love tea. I love English Breakfast tea, I love herbal tea, I love fruit tea. I just really flipping love tea.

Mirabilia Olive Leaf Tea is an organic brand originating from Abruzzo, Italy. Their olive grove has been an institution for 10 years, and owners Bimbi Bellhouse and Kim Evans and their team harvest the crops to make extra virgin cold-pressed (how very chic) olive oil. Recently, they expanded their product range by harvesting the leaves of the olive plants to create a unique tea.

Mirabilia is such a lovely brand, and reading about their values is heat-warming. It was set up in an effort to both maximise local resources and create jobs, especially for young people who are all the more tempted by the glamorous city life. Most importantly, Mirabilia are actively working to safeguard the historic nature of the olive groves, and protect the natural beauty of rural Italy against the ever pressing threat of mining. 

Mirabilia Olive Leaf Tea Review

“ Our team of pickers, all local ladies of a certain age, are amazingly enthusiastic about their work. They can remember their grandmothers talking about the benefits of olive leaf tea and are thrilled to be part of this revival of local culture and tradition. Everyone involved in this project is proud to be taking part, seeing it not only as a positive benefit to the region but also as a fun and satisfying way of working together on the land.

Not only the tea, hand-picked in our organic groves, but also the packaging, the labels and bags, even the machine that helps weigh and pack the tea, have all been locally sourced as we have an unswerving commitment to the area and to the community."

Mirabilia Olive Leaf Tea Review

Mirabilia produce their Organic Olive Leaf Tea* (£4.69) in it's pure loose-leaf form which I tried, as well as in a number of flavours, including pomegranate and the delightful sounding Lemon & Wild Mint. Olive leaf tea has a mild and mellow flavour, akin to a subtle green tea. I often find green tea to be a bit harsh tasting, so this is perfect. Olive leaf tea is really palatable, and its flavour has echoes of traditional tea with a slightly more herbal twist. As it is caffeine free, it is perfect replacement for an evening drink. I am well known to strictly dismiss a proper tea after the "8 o'clock tea window" as I know it'll stop me from sleeping.

Olive leaves are traditionally a symbol of peace and well-being. This creates a relaxing and mindful experience, making the tea perfect for chill time. I found it to be a really nice drink to have whilst working, as it calms the mind when I'm feeling frazzled. 

As with other herbal teas, olive leaf tea also has multiple health benefits. It is 100% natural, and really packs a punch as it trumps both the antioxidant and Vitamin C levels of green tea. It also has more unique benefits. The olive leaf has been found to contain oleuropein, which has antibacterial and antiviral properties. This explains why in the past, olive leaves were used to protect against fevers and even malaria. 

I take one big pinch of the tea for each person and add it into my funky glass teapot. I add freshly boiled water as per the instructions and brew for about 5 minutes. Mirabilia recommend adding lemon or honey to enhance the taste, and even making it into iced tea, which I'm looking forward to doing. There is so much you can do with olive leaf tea, they even suggest that you use it in a spice rub for meat or fish. The possibilities are endless...

Mirabilia Olive Leaf Tea Review

Mirabilia Organic Olive Leaf Tea is available in Planet Organic, Booths Supermarkets, Wholefoods, as well as their own website, which has a ton of info about the health benefits and farming of the teas. If you get the chance, I would highly recommend checking them out, especially if you are as much of a tea enthusiast as I am. I am particularly looking forward to trying out the Lemon & Wild Mint tea next! I adore the brand values of Mirabilia, and I'm so happy to have discovered them. The most exciting part? You can only bloomin' go and rent a villa in the middle of their olive grove! Dreaming of Italian men sun...

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