Acne Ultra Clear Cream

15 November 2015

Acne Ultra Clear Review

Acne Ultra Clear* is an all-natural treatment moisturiser from Derma Group Ltd, created to tackle even the worst of blemishes in the most gentle and natural way possible. Whilst I've been lucky not to have suffered from acne per say, even in my twenties I still suffer from oily skin, meaning that I am more susceptible to breakouts. I get a lot of under the skin spots that can quite easily turn into big belters if I pick them I'm not careful, and from experience, nothing seems to clear them.

Acne Ultra Clear is composed of powerful plant oils and natural extracts including coconut oil, beeswax, olive oil, Calendula officinalis extract and Rhus cotinus leaf extract. These ingredients have been particularly chosen for their moisturising capabilities. Coconut oil has a small molecular structure, meaning it's hydration can penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin. Beeswax also has the unique function of unblocking pores, and paired with the anti-inflammatory Calendula officinalis, makes Acne Ultra Clear a great solution for calming blemishes and moisturising the skin. Acne Ultra Clear is also free from artificial colours and fragrances, and gets its gingerbready scent from the Calendula oil.

Acne Ultra Clear Review
A soothing and nourishing treatment with a luxuriously thick, silky balm consistency, Acne Ultra Clear packs a punch in the hydration department, whilst feeling weightless on the skin. I like to think of it as a more hydrating version of the ever popular Effeclar Duo + from La Roche Posay. It's primarily a moisturiser, but you can be confident that it isn't going to do anything to worsen any skin problems you have.

Using a lot of lighter products, my skin often doesn't get the nourishment it needs, leading it to become dull and lacklusture. Using Acne Ultra Cream puts those natural oils back into my skin, leaving it looking glowy and supple the next day. I primarily use this as a night cream, but I can imagine turning to this even in the day time as the temperature drops. My skin can often get pretty dry in the winter, so this will be perfect. It leaves a matte finish on the skin that makes a lovely base for makeup. 

Acne Ultra Clear Review

With an RRP of £15.99, Acne Ultra Clear is set at a similar price point to brands such as Vichy and La Roche Posay. Despite the packaging, which is clearly a nod towards a more teen target audience, this is a sophisticated and luxurious product which is particularly impressive given its all-natural credentials. If you love the anti-blemish nature of Effeclar Duo + but like me, find that it isn't moisturising enough for the cooler months, I would definitely recommend checking this out. 

What do you use to tackle blemishes?

*Post contains PR samples kindly provided by Derma Group Ltd.

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