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5 January 2016

2015 Perfume Favourites

One of my favourite posts to put together was my 2014 Perfume Favourites (part 1, part 2), so I knew this year it had to be a feature. With all things scent due to take centre stage in 2016, it'd be rude not to show a little love to the fragrances that accompanied me through the year.

At the start of 2015, one of the first scents I fell hard and fast for was a sample of Tom Ford's Velvet Orchid (read the review here). This punchy oriental seduces it's way through a boozy citrus opening, caresses the heart with exotic florals, and seals the deal with an addictive base of vanilla, suede and rich woods. This bold scent is one that "wears you", and on dull winter days, that's exactly what you need.


As the cooler weather started to subside, I began to reach for a sample of Prada Candy Florale. This is a pretty pink floral delight that may not at first have much going for it, but what it lacks in wow factor it sure makes up for in whimsical charm. Its fresh limoncello and peony notes make for the perfect inoffensive office scent, sweet without being drenched in caramel like its predecessors. 

Another floral scent I adored, and have since used up, is Autograph Inspire from M&S. This inexpensive yet utterly gorgeous floral is one that I have loved for years, and it has such a true-to-life bouquet of jasmine, heliotrope, freesia and hibiscus. It really mellows out into an understated sandalwood and cedar base which combined, is reminiscent of vanilla. 

2015 Perfume Favourites Zoella Diptyque


As spring moved into summer, I decided to splash out on a scent I had fallen in love with the previous autumn. Diptyque Philosykos is a beautiful mix of leafy green fig, coconut and woody notes. The simple combination means that it works for both summer, where the creamy coconut fits perfectly, as well as autumn when the cedar base becomes more prominent.

A scent that I really embraced last summer was Monoi de Tahiti. After trying out some of the Monoi range from Yves Rocher (read the post here), I was delighted to spot a similar smelling body mist (part of the Global Escapes collection) in M&S. Tahiti is a more grown-up reincarnation of the coconut scents I tend to drown myself in when summer comes along, with the added notes of Tahitian tiare flower.

An unexpected love came in the form of Let's Spritz from Zoella's beauty line (read the review here). I wasn't the hugest fan of the scent of Zoe's first collection, however the sweet berry of her Tutti Fruity collection really had me hooked. This is like a softer, more creamy version of Marc Jacobs Oh, Lola!, the scent I wore non-stop during 2014.

2015 Perfume Favourites Elie Saab


After falling in love in the spring of 2014, I finally picked up a bottle of Elie Saab L'Eau Couture (read the review here). This is a flanker of the original orange blossom based scent, with the subtle addition of green almond giving it a fresh, airy feel. Whilst this is a lovely scent for spring, the orange blossom has a warm touch that makes it comforting and cosy for cooler weather, without being too heavy or strong. 

Vineyeard Peach is a line that has sadly been discontinued by The Body Shop, however I was lucky enough to pick up a Body Mist in the sale. This is such a beautiful take on the peach notes, which are often sweet, syrupy and cloying. There is a fragrant green note in the opening, not dissimilar to that of Philosykos, mentioned above. I still use this body mist daily, as it is light, refreshing and pleasing to the nose at 7am. 

2015 Perfume Favourites Cosmopolitan


Certain fragrances are just too heady and strong any other time of the year, yet in winter somehow they work. There is something special about the pairing of cooler weather and a rich, heady perfume. Where Velvet Orchid took the crown the previous winter, this year it is the turn of the début scent from ALAÏA. This is a little more cosy and subdued than Tom Ford's efforts, but it has the same appeal. It's a scent that wears you, in the best possible way; It makes you feel sophisticated and powerful. ALAÏA Paris is rich in the leather notes, something I very much enjoy. Paired with luxurious white florals that almost add a fruity tone, this is a rather simplistic fragrance. The scent is nothing new, or in your face, but it is subtly blended and undiscovered enough to become a signature.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, and one I could not overlook is Cosmopolitan*, which I'm testing out for an upcoming review. The signature fragrance of the magazine dries down to a beautifully sweet marzipan, which is always reminiscent of the festive season, and you can't resist the stunning bottle.

In comparison to last year's favourites (here and here), I have gravitated a lot more towards the lighter body mists, which I wear on a typical working day. As much as I love scent-bombs like Velvet Orchid and Alaia, there is a time and a place, and they don't lend themselves to being very office-friendly. In 2016 I hope to become a lot more experimental with my fragrance choices, exploring different perfume houses, and taking myself out of my comfort zone.

What's been your favourite scent of 2015?


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