Cosmopolitan, The Fragrance

11 January 2016

Cosmopolitan is the definitive women's magazine. The one you sat giggling at the sex pages in high school, in a kind of coming of age moment, and the one you know you will still be buying 10 years later. Cosmopolitan represents the modern woman; fearless, fun and flirty. The kind of girl that enjoys a cocktail or two yet still manages to boss her day job. Probably the opposite of me actually #grannyalert

Cosmopolitan, The Fragrance* (from £28) was released last Autumn, alongside a high-profile campaign to find three of the the sassiest, most inspirational women to be the faces of the fragrance. Their signature scent aims to encapsulate all it means to be a Cosmo woman, and transform it into the perfect accompaniment for work and play.


Top Notes

Pineapple, bergamot, cardamom, mandarin, nectarine, red berries


Saffron, heliotrope, night-blooming jasmine, pimento berries, carrot seed


Tonka, Patchouli, musk, sandalwood, vanilla, caramel


The scent, which is an eau de parfum, contains fruity top notes of pineapple, mandarin, nectarine and red berries, reminiscent of a sparkling cocktail. The image of thick, syrupy grenadine falling to the bottom of tropical liquid gold is again reflected in the bright orange and pink cut-glass bottle, and the whole "girls just wanna have fun" (I defy you not to sing that line) theme creates a glamorous feel.

Moving back to the note pyramid, at the heart of the scent lie hypnotic jasmine and powdery sweet heliotrope, juxtaposed with the subtle spice of pimento berries and carrot seed. This signifies the many sides to the Cosmopolitan woman's personality; sultry, sweet and fiesty.

The base takes some traditional notes; patchouli, sandalwood and musk, and combines them with gourmand accents to give the scent an addictive quality. Tonka bean, vanilla and caramel linger as a sultry, intimate skinscent.


Despite being a complex blend, Cosmopolitan is a fairly linear experience on my skin. The top notes pay only a fleeting visit, appearing sharp as the scent hits the air. Minutes later, a warm, sweet aura develops on my skin, and that's where the magic of this scent lies. To me, it isn't necessarily a loud, party fragrance. The vanilla plays a huge part, as does the caramel which makes it reminiscent of cotton candy. Combined, the notes give off a scent that brings to mind marzipan, which is why it was one of my scents of choice for the festive period (it featured in my 2015 in Perfumes post).

Whilst the design of the bottle had me hooked from the word go, it led me to believe it would be a fruity, Escada-esque affair, however it is quite the opposite. I fell out of love with foodie fragrances in a big way a few years back, finding them heavy and cloying, so to find one doesn't turn my stomach pleases me greatly. Whilst not being my typical scent, on my skin Cosmopolitan is an approachable, soft gourmand that lends itself to everyday wear. Cosmopolitan, The Fragrance is available exclusively at Boots from £28.


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