Merumaya Luxury Facial Wash

12 January 2016

Merumaya Luxury Facial Wash

Throughout the last year, my love for skincare has grown, and I now have some great products in my routine. I have amazing cream, micellar and balm cleansers, but I am yet to find the perfect face wash. Sometimes you want something a little more refreshing, especially for the morning, and that's where a gel cleanser fits in. Facial washes get a lot of bad press for the tendency to make your skin feel tight and uncomfortable, however when a product is branded as a Luxury Facial Wash, you know it isn't going to be your average foam and go.

Merumaya is a British brand, founded by Maleka Dattu in spring 2010. An inspirational woman in her own right, Maleka counts Clinique, Origins and Lancome as notches on her career ladder, as well as creating her own brand. Merumaya Integrative Effective Skincare® stands for six principles:







The Luxury Facial Wash* (£15.50) is a rich, yet gentle take on the foaming cleanser, tackling spots and blemishes. It contains pomegranate enzymes to brighten the skin and exfoliate away dead skin cells, as well as anti-oxidant Mangosteen and Rhodiola Rosea, the "happy hormone", Interestingly, this promotes endorphin release and creates Happy Skin™ in the most holistic sense.

I also got the chance to try the Manual Cleansing Brush* (£13.50), a soft and gentle way of exfoliating and cleansing the skin.  A little like the shaving brush concept, it gently massages the skin, creating a luxurious lather in the process. I have to admit, I found this an unusual technique at first, but one I enjoyed more and more with every use. 

The Luxury Facial Wash leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth, without that uncomfortable dry feeling. Although I initially thought I'd use this as a quick morning cleanse, I really enjoy the ritual of massaging in a soft, rich lather, so it's an activity I like to really take my time with. I'll use this in the evening if I've had no makeup on, or on a long, lazy morning. Unlike a lot of other skincare products, the scent is a luxurious perfume. As someone who feels like death in the mornings, I sometimes find the scent a little too much for my delicate head, but using the brush rather than my hands means it doesn't linger too much. 

After a positive experience, combined with many recommendations for the cleansing balm and the serum, Merumaya is a brand that I'm not finished with. I adore the values of the brand, as well as Maleka's humbleness and I can only predict wonderful things for this brand as it continues to grow.


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