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1 January 2016

Behind The Scent Relaunch


As 2015 draws to a close, it is natural to sit back and reflect. Kimamely Beauty took centre stage in the first half of the year, and with that came my first milestones, brand work and events. Then real life took over, and suddenly blogging got demoted to only a small proportion of my time. As much as that sucked, having a proper job has given me so much direction in terms of where I want to go with my blog.

Although Kimamely Beauty was my baby, lovingly raised from it's simple template roots, one CSS code at a time, I never felt like we properly gelled. I always had a case of itchy feet with the design, constantly tweaking and occasionally dramatically overhauling its look. The second half of the year brought exciting developments in the photography department as I became acquainted with my first "big" camera, the Olympus PEN. This was a learning curve that I'm still very much battling, but I like to think I've found a formula that works.

So many blogging gurus say that you need to have a niche to have a successful blog. Do I think that's true? Not necessarily. But when everyone and their dog has a blog these days, I never felt that my content was on point. There was no real theme to my blog in terms of the content, I took the "do it all" rather that "do it well" approach. Having "Beauty" in the title tied me too much into that genre, and that made me feel guilty about not posting enough reviews.

I also fell out of love with my blog name. Kimamely stemmed from an amalgamation of my first, middle and surnames, a kind of online alter-ego if you will. I stumbled upon my blog rather than intentionally planning it, and spending the time really thinking about the name. After keeping my blog secret for a while, even when I did start talking about it IRL, I found the name awkward to say aloud, and others wouldn't know how to spell it. It also really grated on me that PRs would call me Kimamely, even though my real name was stamped all over my blog and social media. I wanted something that would allow me to grow as a blogger, a name I would feel confident saying, and one that represented not only my blog, but me as a person.


And so, Behind The Scent was born... I have always had a fascination with perfume, and that was something that really came to life around two years ago when I started this blog. Furious about buying yet another scent I disliked, I stumbled across the website Fragrantica, where I discovered a database of every single perfume you could think of, along with their notes and reviews. I became fixated about finding out the notes of all the perfumes I owned, to try and decipher the common notes between the fragrances I liked and those I disliked, to ensure I never made that mistake again.

Since then, my love of perfume grew, and I mentioned it through reviews sporadically along the way. Although I have written about a lot of topics throughout the 2 years, some posts have been easier to put together than others. Music is something I have always struggled to describe. Scent however, is a topic I always enjoyed writing about; I love the way scent triggers memories, and a single note can have so many different connotations. From a list of notes in a fragrance, a whole story can be developed, making describing scent a satisfying creative outlet.


As a reader of Behind The Scent, you can expect a bigger emphasis on perfume and candle reviews and round-ups. This will be paired with a streamlined edit of my most-loved beauty and skincare and a sprinkling of lifestyle and fashion. I'll be posting three times a week, a schedule that will allow me to upload consistently and allow my posts to be the best quality they can be. I'm planning to really up my social media game in 2016, so I'll be a lot more active on Twitter, which has always been my favourite way to connect. I'm determined that this will be the year to crack Instagram, as well as Pinterest and Facebook, and use them to their full potential. 


All of my social media links have changed, so make sure you're following the new profiles so we can stay in touch. I'm going to leave you with a selection of some of the most popular posts from 2015. Thank you all for your support over the past two years, let's make 2016 Behind The Scent's year!







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