The Body Shop Drops of Youth Event

24 January 2016

This time last week, myself and the Leicester blogger gang descended on the Clock Tower/Haymarket branch of The Body Shop to celebrate the launch of their latest skincare line. I had previously attended a personal skincare consultation with Tasha, the store's assistant manager a few months ago (which you can read about here), and she mentioned her desire to hold a fully-fledged blogger event. It's safe to say this invitation was one that I was extremely excited to see land in my inbox.

We started off the evening with a demonstration of the new products (which I will talk about later on) by Jaz, who explained everything so well and clearly has a lot of experience when it comes to skincare. She was bubbly and engaging, and definitely created an air of excitement about the new products. This passion carried on to the rest of the store's staff, being enthusiastic and knowledgeable. They all seemed to have a genuine interest in both blogging and its influence on different industries, particularly the impact on retail in recent years.

Moving on to the products, and Drops of Youth is in fact not a new range for the Body Shop. Their serum, eye concentrate and Wonderblur primer launched a couple of years ago, and continue to be best-sellers, and favourites of many of The Body Shop ladies. Then last year, they rolled out the Youth Bouncy Sleep Mask; a product which has had a lot of promotion on various blogs. Its innovative concept was new to many of us, so it was a launch that did not go unnoticed.

It isn't difficult to see that the whole line has been particularly influenced by Korean skincare; the epicentre of innovation when it comes to all things face. The Body Shop is one of the first brands to bring this kind of technology to the UK, at an affordable price point.

A few of the products really intrigued me, so I'm going to talk about those in a bit more detail. The Youth Essence-Lotion (£14) is new to the range and is the second essence to launch at The Body Shop. Unlike the Oils of Life Essence, this is has a gel-to-water formula, which makes it a refreshing and hydrating step to add to your skincare routine, sandwiched between the toner and serum steps. It is infused with a potent blend of 3 plant stem cells which smooth and replenish the skin, enhancing the absorption of any further products you apply. This isn't too dissimilar to the L'Oreal Hydrafresh All Day Hydration Deep Boosting Essence, which I'm currently loving but is yet to hit the UK. It's reassuring to know that there is an alternative once that one runs out. 

As I mentioned before, the Drops of Youth Concentrate (from £25) is not a new product. It is one I previously disregarded as being purely for anti-ageing, yet this event has made me look at it in a new light. It is a lightweight serum that smooths and instantly moisturises the skin. Certified organic, the Drops of Youth Concentrate contains Babassu oil and aloe vera to moisturise and soothe. I got a couple of sample sachets in the goodie bag from this event, and it's been love from the word go. I'm planning to purchase a full size and make this a permanent feature in my skincare routine.

Another new product is the Drops of Youth Youth Cream (£20). The cream has a thick moussy texture. It leaves a velvety matte base that is perfect for applying makeup. Again infused with a blend of 3 plant stem cells, this leaves skin feeling smooth, supple and refined, as well as more bouncy.

Talking of bouncy, that brings us on to the last product, the Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask (£24). This is enriched with Edelweiss stem cells and has a jelly texture that gives it its bouncy name. This is a product that is essentially used as a night cream for plump and replenished skin the next morning. I've been umming and ahhing over this product ever since its launch last year, and I think I'll have to take the plunge and give it a go this year.

Judging from the last few releases, The Body Shop seems to be moving in a more luxe direction. The higher price tag means they can bring us more innovative products with increasingly advanced technologies. I am really excited to see what's next for The Body Shop, as they seem to be really killing it with their new launches. I'm looking forward to adding a few of the Drops of Youth products into my routine, particularly the Concentrate and the Bouncy Sleeping Mask. Watch this space, you may just bee seeing them in a favourites post or skincare routine soon.

Have you tried any of the Drops of Youth range?


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