6 Blogs To Indulge In This Weekend

5 February 2016

6 Blogs To Indulge In This Weekend


So this post may be a little late, as you may have seen these girls knockin' around my sidebar around December time. With the rebrand, things have been a bit hectic but we are back to business. Honestly, I wasn't sure advertising would work with the new design, but I've always loved the process, so I'm going to be offering advertising once again here on Behind The Scent. I'm currently working on the packages and making them the best they can be, so keep an eye out for those!

There's nothing I love more than having a lazy scroll through some of my favourite blogs at the weekend. Tucked up in bed on a Sunday morning with a cuppa is the perfect time to read something inspiring, and it can set you up for the week ahead with some amazing content ideas. I've got 6 little secrets up my sleeve, all amazing bloggers that you'll want to add to your blogroll. I hope you'll all visit and give these girls a bit of love, don't forget to tell them I sent you!

6 Blogs To Indulge In This Weekend Beauty PR

I chose the lovely Ellen from The Beauty PR to be my Blogger of the Month for December. I asked her to answer five questions so we can get to know her and her blog a little bit better. So without further ado...


My main blog insipriation actually came from doing a internship at a beauty company. When I left I thought some of things I had experienced would make great posts for a blog to help out other people and offer advice. I also take inspiration from many of my favourite beauty blogs and my own experiences in the beauty industry.


I started my blog in August 2015, I had just finished a year long work placement at a beauty company and had worked a lot with bloggers. I wanted to join the blogging community and write about all the things I loved. I wanted to create 'The Beauty PR' as an online platform to help other people find internships in the beauty industry and also offer advice to those who were thinking about going into a career in PR.


My most popular post is 'Everything You Need To Know About Beauty PR Internships' which is a very lengthy and detailed post that covers everything from how to find an internship to what to expect when you get there. I think it stands as a good advice post for anyone intrigued by the world of beauty PR.


The blogging magic happens anywhere and everywhere. I write up blog posts in my bedroom, on the train, at university and ideas pop into my head when I least expect it. I usually find I'm blogging when I'm suppose to be doing uni work, it provides a nice distraction!


I would say The Beauty PR is: 'Advice, Beauty and Work' all rolled into one.

With lovely photos and a pretty colour scheme, The Beauty PR is such a gem and a really refreshing read. There's tons of careers stuff, and even for those that aren't necessarily thinking of PR as a job, there's enough to satisfy the inner nosy parker about what goes on behind closed doors of a PR office. There's also a bit of lifestyle and some personal posts too. 

Follow Ellen on Twitter @e_walford


I also played host to five other amazing blogs, my "fabulous five": Raw Rhubarb, Have You Seen Ten, High Street Hopes, Blogobvious and Hello Jennifer Helen. 


6 Blogs To Indulge In This Weekend Raw Rhubarb

Raw Rhubarb is an amazing foodie blog written by the lovely Jenna. When she first put her blog forward for the ad spot, we actually got chatting about the book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying, which I had mentioned in a post. That lead to her writing a guest post on my blog, which you can read here if you haven't already. Moving back to Jenna's blog, some of my favourite posts are the drool-worthy Beef & Onion Cheeseburgers with Butternut Squash Rings and Red Pesto and the Chocolate Bubble Wrap.

Follow Jenna on Twitter @rawrhubarb


6 Blogs To Indulge In This Weekend Have You Seen Ten

Ten  is a Canadian blogger who has just moved to London. Her blog and YouTube channel document her London discoveries and include posts like The Sky Garden and One New Change (St. Paul's Cathedral). Ten also has a YouTube channel, which she's been posting on tons recently. I loved her video entitled The London Things I'm Still Trying To Get Used To and now I think she is one of the most adorable people ever!

Follow Ten on Twitter @haveyouseenten


6 Blogs To Indulge In This Weekend High Street Hopes

High Street Hopes is a blog written by the lovely Lauren, which started on the basis of her huge shopping addiction. She posts a mixture of beauty and lifestyle, and some of my favourites have been her tips on How To Maintain Your Motivation for Fitness and SEO Tips for Bloggers. Lauren's blog is always a dream to browse through, and I've made it no secret that I'm obsessed with her header design!

Follow Lauren on Twitter @highstreethopes


6 Blogs To Indulge In This Weekend Blogobvious

Blogobvious is written by Kiamini (or Kim for short), and she's got such a great mix of posts. More on the lifestyle side of thing, one of my absolute favourite posts was when she shared some of her favourite photos that she had taken. It has really inspired me to get out the house and take more non-blog photos as I used to be absolutely obsessed with going on "photography missions" back in the day. Kim has also shared what she's learnt in her first 4 months of blogging which is such an interesting read.

Follow Kim on Twitter @kiamini_martin


6 Blogs To Indulge In This Weekend Hello Jennifer Helen

Hello Jennifer Helen is such a lovely, colourful blog that never fails to cheer me up. Jennifer posts a mixture of fashion, like these amazing star-print Topshop heels, as well as loads of lifestyle. One of my absolute favourite posts (and post titles) is Five Ways To Chill The F Out. I am no stranger to stress, so these tips have been so useful, especially the one about visualisation. I'm a serious fan of tips post that offers something new, so I was pleased to see a tip I'd never heard before! 

Follow Jennifer Helen on Twitter @HelloJenniferH

Which blogs have you been loving this month? Leave me your recommendations!

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