Behind The Blog #2

29 February 2016

This is the start of a new kind of post to me, where I'll be looking back over the highs and lows of being a blogger over the past month. I know it's post #2, but last month's was the epic I quit my job rant, so it officially starts here. I'm covering all bases, including the posts you guys <3'd the most, thing that rocked, and goals for next month. There's also details of my brand new advertising packages, so grab a spot for April!


An interview with Ellen from The Beauty PR, plus 5 more amazing blogs that advertised on my sidebar during December. Since the Rebrand, I've been umming and ahhing about reinstating advertising, but I love featuring other bloggers, and the fact that this is the most popular post of the month has set that in stone.

I shared some of my top tips for buying the perfect scent, as well as reminiscing about all the times I've made perfume purchase faux pas. This is something I want to go into more depth about in the future on the blog, including different notes and groups of perfumes. 

One of my favourite products of the month, I fell hard and fast for Merumaya's newly launched chemical exfoliant. It is super hydrating and smells incredible, and Merumaya are just so lovely to work with. I feel like I've been constantly banging on about this product this month, and it's no surprise that you'll be seeing it in the February Favourites, coming in the next few days. 

I decided to subscribe to The Fragrance Shop's quarterly perfume sample subscription. The Classics Collection was their winter release, and my very first box. Whilst I didn't love all the scents, I really liked the concept and I am looking forward to the next box.

Valentine's is never high on my list of favourite holidays, but it did get me in the mood to search my makeup stash for the prettiest pink products. I shared my favourites, as well as a few scents that were perfect for the day of love. This was such a last-minute post as I didn't plan on doing anything for Valentine's Day, but it's one of my personal favourites of the month. 


At the start of February, I celebrated my 2 year blog birthday and in the post linked above, I shared some of my highlights. I have to admit, I got a bit teary looking right back to day 1, and thinking not only about where I was blog-wise (which was terrible, if you're wondering), but reminiscing about all the things that have happened to me since I pressed "publish" for the first time. 

I was chosen to be featured in fellow blogger Jiya's ExperTalks series. Expert? Me? N'awww stoppitt... There's a cheeky little interview on her blog that I've linked above if you fancy a gander, plus Jiya's blog is gorgeous!

Advertising on Dorkface

I advertised with one of my favourite bloggers, Dorkface this month. Jemma really went out of her way to interact and share my content over the month, which was fabbity fab as I've advertised with some who didn't interact at all with me during the advertising period.

Exciting samples!

I was contacted by one of my favourite stores to ask if I wanted to try a fragrance by an amazing brand. It's the little things like this that remind me that the whole rebrand to focus on the perfume/candle shebang is going in a positive direction.

Blog events in London

I went to London not once, but twice for blog-related things. It's something I'd like to do more of in the future as it is only an hour on the train and I'm beginning to fall pretty damn hard for the city. I blogged about the first event, The Bloggers Hangout here, and I'll be posting about my FaceGym experience later on in the week.


Social Media 

I reached a couple of mini milestones on Twitter and Instagram. I like to set myself weekly goals to remind me to actually use these platforms and I just want to keep on growing. Seeing the numbers rise, even a tiny bit, is just the most addictive thing ever!


I felt like I put a lot more thought into my photos this month, and got a bit more creative with my backgrounds. I've been planning my shots a lot more and thinking ahead to the end result, and I feel like I've had to do less on the editing front. My photos are by no means perfect, and I've got such a way to go but I feel like each day I'm improving.


As you know, I rebranded at the start of the year and lost the DA (Domain Authority) that was associated with my old URL. It went up to 20 right before I rebranded, which of course isn't the best ever, but it meant I would have been able to apply for more opportunities. At the start of the month, my DA went up to 12 from 1, which isn't bad after being Behind The Scent for a mere month. I'm pretty pleased with that, although it's heart-breaking to see things posted on Facebook looking for a DA of 20 and thinking "I could have done that". 


Talking spring fragrances

As mentioned above, I've been testing out a stunning perfume, and I also have a little giveaway of some lush spring candle scents. I'm so done with winter, so expect a whole lotta fan-girling over spring!

5 Bloggers...

I'm starting a new monthly series! Each month, I'll be asking 5 bloggers to share their recommendations for everything from perfume to lipsticks to blog reads. It'll be great to interact with some different bloggers!

Fashion Posts

It's something I've always found really tricky, as I've had a distinct lack of equipment and designated photographer, however I'm going to give it another go this month. Better start scouting out the perfect backdrop...


I haven't quite decided what I'm going to upload for Easter this year, although you can sure as hell guarantee that I'll be spending the whole of March "researching" by eating all the Mini Eggs, Galaxy Golden Eggs and Creme Eggs. Can you believe I haven't had a Creme Egg yet? 

Improving my DA

As I mentioned above, my DA popped back up quicker than I expected, and I've already started to tackle the broken links. One thing that's proved an absolute mare is all the links to my old social media accounts, grrrr! Hopefully it'll all be worth it when Moz decides to churn out its next update. 


Be more consistent on Instagram

Get some business cards

Invest in a better camera lens

Be a bit more creative with my posts

Be more productive!

What have been your blog highlights of February?
What are your goals for March?


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