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11 February 2016

William & Joseph is a beautiful independent brand, producing hand-poured soy wax candles and wax tarts. The brains behind the business? Two chaps; one called William, and one called Joseph (if you hadn't already guessed). Each candle is handmade with love and care from their HQ in Worthing, West Sussex. They produce their stock in batches and are proud that each product is a little unique.

William & Joseph use pure eco-friendly soy wax in all their products. There are so many reasons why soy wax is a great alternative to the typical paraffin wax. Soy wax allows the candle to burn flawlessly. The wax melts at a lower temperature, meaning there is a cleaner burn and no tunnelling (a.k.a. candle wastage). Soy wax also burns a lot cleaner in terms of scent output. It allows the scent to take centre stage rather than polluting the air. I find paraffin wax sucks up all the air in a room, whereas soy allows you still to breathe.

There is a choice of two jar sizes, each in a unique hexagonal jam-jar like style. The design of the jars is very minimal and the labels are reminiscent of The Library of Fragrance perfume bottles. I personally love the smaller size, as they look really cute while burning. These burn for 20 hours and the large jars 35 hours.

If you are a foodie lover, you will love William and Joseph. They have a great selection of sweet scents, including Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Blueberry Muffins and Cherry Bakewell. Their scent list sounds like the menu of a patisserie! If that's not your cup of tea (and cake), there are also a number of clean scents like Fresh Rain and White Flower Breeze, as well as the more unique Cucumber & Wasabi and their Valentine's exclusive, Love Spell.

As soon as I saw the Summer Holiday scent, I knew without a doubt it'd be my first choice. I'm a sucker for anything coconut, anything that transports me out of rainy England to a tropical holiday destination. I picked out the Large Summer Holiday Candle* (£7.75), which is scented with coconut and pineapple, as well as a hint of vanilla, peach and almond. This one smells like a pina colada and is a huge hit in our house.

I was also intrigued to see what the most popular scents were, so Joseph recommended the Crème Brûlée Mini Candle* (£5.25). This is a luscious combination of vanilla, cream and caramelised sugar that gives the air a lovely sweet aura. This is more subtle than I was expecting. I imagined it to be a bit overpowering and sickly, but this was perfect. The scents are just the right strength. I've been testing out some Yankee Candle wax tarts for an upcoming blog post, and some of them are eye-wateringly strong, to the point where I have to melt them in the next room to avoid a scent headache.

William & Joseph are such a lovely brand and I've been really impressed with their candles. I love their minimalist approach to design, and their jars have all the makings of becoming iconic. I am
looking forward to discovering more from the brand, particularly one of their Wax Tart Gift Tins which contain 4 different scents, the perfect present!

What is your favourite candle scent?


*Post contains PR samples

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