February Life|Style|Bites

28 February 2016

February Life Style Bites Lifestyle Favourites

I haven't written a lifestyle favourites in quite some time. I had actually planned to post one in January, but after posting quite a few personal updates, I didn't find I had much to talk about other than a few TV shows. I hadn't even planned on reinstating the name Life|Style|Bites, but I was reading over some old posts and remembered how much I loved it. These posts are so lovely to read over and remember all the fun things I have done. As usual, I'll be covering all grounds from life, to fashion and food, and everything in between, and sharing it alongside pictures from my Instagram @BehindTheScentBlog.

February Life Style Bites Lifestyle Favourites


My first full month of being a full time blogger (I still don't think I deserve that label yet) has come to an end. Obviously this is a big lifestyle change from hopping on the bus to the office every day, and it has had its challenges. The biggest for me was feeling lazy. I've found it a lot harder to have a regular sleeping pattern now that I don't have to be out the door by 8am. Getting my sleep routine in check is number 1 on my list of life goals for March, as well as getting up at a good  time, being more active and productive.

It has been so nice to have a bit more time for myself. Somehow I still feel like I'm super busy, but I no longer have a panic inside when someone suggests making plans. Anxiety levels are down to about 10% of what they were when I was at work. (I knew it was work rather than being me!). I've particularly enjoyed being able to have a bath and read a book. Currently I'm reading Zoella's Girl Online: On Tour (£6 on Amazon), partly out of intrigue, and partly because it's such a fluffy read that it's nice to be able to switch your brain off. Some books, like thrillers, can be a bit stressful and heavy when you want to relax. I do want to do a bit more reading though, especially in the evenings instead of taking my laptop and my work to bed.

February Life Style Bites Lifestyle Favourites


I've connected with friends I had neglected over the past few months when I was struggling with work and anxiety. It's been so lovely to be able to go and meet them worry-free, and they've been so supportive. I had fun shopping, eating ice-cream and even dancing on tables at Bistro Live!

Since I left work I've been chatting to my Leicester blogger lovelies almost every day, and it's great to share things with people in a similar situation. I got the chance to hang out properly with Hollie after the Northern Cobbler event (full post), as well as go to the Bloggers Hangout LFW Event (full post) with Charlotte, and it was lovely to get to know them a bit better. Talking of events, I also headed to London again for a lovely facial at FaceGym in Selfridges, which I will be talking about more over the next few days.

February Life Style Bites Lifestyle Favourites
Image Credits: Variety, DorkfaceCage The Elephant


This month, I finished watching two TV shows that I loved, Hart of Dixie and The Vampire Diaries. I'm at such a loss in terms of what to watch next. I'm dabbling in The Originals, but haven't quite committed to it yet. I've loved having Pretty Little Liars back, and I'm intrigued to see where they will go with the storyline, although it has been pretty slow so far. Because I binge watched up until the first half on season 7, it's been so frustrating to only be able to watch one episode at a time.

On the music front, I recently rediscovered Spotify and have been listening to a lot of music I used to love back in the day. I've also been really into Cage The Elephant's new album, Tell Me I'm Pretty. I also love finding new acoustic tunes from Burberry's recommendations. It's been nice to have a change from all the dance music that is currently in the charts. 

It's been so nice to have the time to catch of on all my favourite blogs and I can't not mention Dorkface in this category. I can honestly say I click onto Jemma's blog every day for a slice of her colourful life, plus I advertised with her during February! Hannah Heartss is always a lovely read and I always love catching up with The Elle Next Door, Ellie's blog just gets more and more stunning! On YouTube, a new discovery has been leah xo. Leah is such a pleasure to watch and her beauty videos are always so useful. I've followed What Olivia Did in blog form for such a long time now, and Liv comes across so genuine and lovely on camera so I was glad I found her channel.

February Life Style Bites Lifestyle Favourites


Now that spring is approaching, I'm in need of shuffling everything around in my capsule wardrobe. Because I'm no longer relying on a work uniform, I'm in need of more options of things to wear when I'm headed out for events or when I want to wear something a bit fancier than jumpers and jeans. Whilst I'm still in love with the idea, I've definitely been a bit frustrated with my capsule wardrobe system recently, especially when I've realised the top I want to wear is all packed away!

I've only had this Happiness Boutique statement necklace* for about a week, but I've literally worn it every time I've left the house, I'm obsessed with it! I love how it really dresses up an outfit, and it is so different to everything else I have in my jewellery box. I'll be talking about it in more detail in a future post, but in the meantime you can still use the discount code behindthescent, entitling you to 10% off all orders over 19 euros placed before March 8th.

I also picked up a new handbag from New Look, as I wanted a sleeker alternative to my battered much loved vintage satchel. This one is a bit more compact and chic, whilst being secure enough to take on days to London, and being black it goes with everything. I really want to get one of those fluffy pom pom charms to go on it!

February Life Style Bites Lifestyle Favourites


I feel so much more independent now that I'm not at work (somehow!). I felt like I was constantly relying on Mum-cooked meals as I didn't have the time. I felt like a child again! I've really enjoyed getting back in the kitchen and cooking up a storm. I've not felt as inspired as I usually am with food, so I tried out a Gousto box. Overall I was really impressed, and will be popping up a full post in the next few weeks.

Despite working for a coffee shop for a year before uni, I've never been the biggest coffee lover. However, this has all changed in the last month. It all started with a new independent coffee bar at my local train station who serve their coffee with a serious kick. I also love offerings from Benugo and the Department of Coffee and Social Affairs in London. Starbucks isn't going to be the same again...

One thing that I have discovered recently is cold-brew iced tea. Literally the easiest thing, I just chuck a couple of tea bags into a plastic bottle and leave it in the fridge for a few hours. I've been really loving doing this with the Twinings Mango & Lychee Green Tea Bags. The result is really refreshing, and a great alternative to plain water. I really want to make an effort to drink my recommended amount as I think I'll feel so much healthier for it.

What have you loved this month? 
Also please leave me recommendations of what to watch next on Netflix!


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