The Body Shop Drops of Light

19 February 2016

The Body Shop Drops of Light

This week I've had an exciting sneak peek at some of the newest products from The Body Shop, one of my favourite brands for skincare. Drops of Light is their latest release, which takes inspiration from Korean whitening products, to brighten and leave your skin looking translucent.

With each Body Shop release, we are seeing more and more nods to Korean skincare trends. Last year we had essences; a product that was first introduced within the Oils of Life range back in the Autumn of last year. The Body Shop has trickled one out with each main skincare release since, continuing with Drops of Youth and now Drops of Light.

Another Korean trend is the foaming cleanser. "But I thought foaming cleansers were bad!" I hear you say. Yep, that's what I thought too. I'm no K-skincare expert (although there's a haul coming up very soon), but they are slowly regaining popularity as an ideal product for a post-makeup removal second cleanse.

The main active ingredient in the Drops of Light range is Red Algae extract. This has grown for millions of years in the cold water of the North Atlantic, and contains a powerful cocktail of Vitamin C as well as other nutrients and minerals. Red Algae extract has been proven to have positive effects on pigmentation of the skin meaning the Drops of Light products should even out and brighten the skin over time.

The Body Shop Drops of Light Pure Clarifying Foam Wash

The first product I tried out from the Drops of Light range was the Pure Clarifying Foam Wash* (£12). This has a beautiful rose perfume, perfect for evoking memories of walking through summer gardens (ohhh why is it STILL winter?). This has a thick, pearly texture which strangely reminds me of Lush Roots. When combined with water in the palms and massaged into a wet face, it creates a luxurious yet gentle foam that leaves skin feeling fresh and clean. The cleanser also really brightens the skin, and the effects are very similar to that of one of my favourites, the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel.

I would really recommend this for the morning as it is very refreshing and makes my skin look like it's had the 8 hours sleep it needs but definitely doesn't get. It is fine for my oily skin, but those with drier complexions might find it too stripping. I've been using more oil or cream based cleansers recently, and I definitely notice a difference. This is also great for a second cleanse after removing makeup with a cleansing oil or balm. You only need a pea-sized amount of the product, meaning the tube will last for ages, making it very good value and an ideal alternative to the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel if you are budget conscious and oily skinned.

The Body Shop Drops of Light Pure Translucency Essence

The next step in the Drops of Light routine is the Pure Translucency Essence Lotion* (£14). This is said to enhance light transmission and brightness, even out the skin tone and prepare the skin for the next steps of the routine. This is very much a treatment essence, rather than one purely used for hydration.

The Drops of Light essence has a gel to water texture, similar to that of the Drops of Youth Essence. It is very lightweight, and makes the complexion fresh and bright. It shares the same beautiful rosy scent with the cleanser making it a pleasure to use, although I didn't find it as hydrating as other essences I have tried.

There has been an emphasis on moving more towards luxe ranges with every Body Shop release. Whilst they might be pricier than the standard ranges, it means they can incorporate advanced technologies, often those that other brands in their price range haven't got around to yet. I don't necessarily think the packaging of the Drops of Light range, especially the essence, completely fits the aesthetic they are trying to create. I like the metallic rose accents and the outer packaging is lovely, being consistent with other recent ranges. However the essence looks very plain in its white plastic casing.

Overall, I am on the fence with The Body Shop Drops of Light range. Whilst I really liked the Pure Clarifying Foaming Cleanser, the Essence fell short in my opinion. I do like the idea of the range though, and I really enjoy the fact that it isn't necessarily tailored to a specific skin type or age. In terms of the rest of the range, I am also intrigued by the Healthy Brightening Day Cream as it is billed as a lightweight yet nourishing moisturiser which brightens over time. The final product available is the Pure Healthy Brightening Serum, which is described as being really lightweight with a matte finish. These new products are due to hit stores on April 5th.

Which products do you recommend from The Body Shop?


*Post contains products gifted via The Body Shop sampling programme

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