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11 February 2016

Improving My Blog Photography Tech Wishlist

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Call me a nerd, but I've been lusting over so much tech recently. Mainly photography based, it all stems from the fact that I am now spending every waking hour on my blog, and the desire to improve my imagery gets all the more real. These last few weeks, I've been so much happier with the images I have produced, and want to invest in some extra bits of kit to improve even more.


As much as I adore my proper camera, it isn't as light as I hoped (especially with standard kit lens, should've got the pancake lens!), so I'd love to have a compact camera to throw in my bag for impromptu snaps and maybe even a spot of vlogging too. I used to love my point-and-shoot cameras, and it'd be great to be able to take more on-the-go photos without having to pre-plan bringing my heavier camera. I really like the look of some of the Panasonic Lumix compact cameras (3) as they are packed with features like WiFi connectivity, whilst still being pretty affordable.


Something I tried (and failed at) at the start of the year was outfit photography. It ended up with me balancing my camera on an old fridge in the garden (glamorous I know, really need to take that to the tip...). I didn't want to invest before, because I knew that there was an issue with the front-facing screen of my camera and the tripod attachment. However I have recently discovered that you can use a Dual Flash Bracket (1) to flip the screen forward and still use a tripod. Fashion is something I'd love to get behind this year, even though I'm the biggest dork in front of a camera. I just want to feature my face on this blog more. I have such a worry that no-one would recognise me at a blogger event because I don't often show my face.


Even though now I have all the time in the world to spend on my photography, you still get those days when it is dull and grey outside, meaning that it is extremely tricky to take great photos. It really doesn't help that there isn't one room in the house that lets in a good amount of sunlight. Oh what I'd give to attack every wall in the family home with white paint... However, the more sensible option is to pick up some softbox lighting (2). There are some really affordable options on Amazon like this set of two for £42.99. You can always split the cost with a friend and have one light each!


You can't talk about blog photos without mentioning props. We make no secret of the fact that we love a good blogger cliché. That marble tray, covering everything in sight with marble sticky-back plastic, rose gold, copper... The list is endless. I've just picked up some beautiful copper paperclips and I'm not even sorry about the fact I will use them in every single photo. I've also been experimenting with fairy lights in the background of my photos. I've got some pink lights that give such a gorgeous soft-focus hue. If you're going to see any flower on a blog or on Instagram, I can pretty much guarantee it'll be a peony. Whilst it's not yet peony season, you can still get that coveted look with some artificial ones. I need to get on that hype pronto! 

Leave me some tips on how you get your photos looking so pretty!


*This post has been written in sponsored collaboration with Panasonic, although all lust for cameras and blogger clichés, my own. 

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