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29 February 2016

LittleWhiteDragon Behind The Scent Personalised Candle

LittleWhiteDragon is an eco-friendly candle company, creating personalised soy wax candles. The brand started with LittleWhiteKiwi based in Australia, and the concept was brought to the UK, or Wales to be exact, by the owner's sister Julia. I went to uni in Cardiff, so even though I now live well across the border, I still think of welsh brands as local, and I still want to support them just as much as before!

The brand's philosophy is based around the joy of lighting a beautifully scented candle, and the sisters wanted to create their own with a unique twist. There are two options of candles available, novelty and personalised, starting from £16. Novelty options include those for birthdays, weddings and all other occasions. Alternatively, you can go one step further and create a completely bespoke design with your own text or photograph, as well as choosing the material of the lid.

LittleWhiteDragon Personalised Candles Plum & Bramble

I was given the chance to test out two of LittleWhiteDragon's candle scents, and boy was it hard to choose. I finally decided on Plum and Bramble* for my first candle. One of the bespoke options is to add a photograph to the label (in black and white), so I opted to have my blog name/logo. Because what blogger doesn't want that...?

Plum & Bramble is described as "A succulently lush berry medley. A gorgeous fusion of zesty bergamot, rich berry fruit jam with a hint of vanilla, pink peppercorn & soft summer blooms." It is such an interesting scent. It is deep and fruity, without being overly sweet and girlie and it works perfectly in our living room. I think this would smell amazing burnt alongside some kind of fresh, green scent. Who's up for a spot of mixology?

LittleWhiteDragon Personalised Candles Quote

For candle number 2, I went for Calming Lavender*, and opted for one of my favourite quotes, "Beautiful minds inspire others". There are so many quotes I could have gone with. I was toying with Mean Girls-inspired quotes and motivational messages, but somehow this one stood out to me.

Calming Lavender is described as "The heady scent of a traditional cottage garden in full flower with the gentle fragrance of lavender drifting on the breeze! A fresh herbal lavender accord with notes of rosemary, geranium and clove which are freshened slightly with eucalyptus notes."

This one smells a little similar to the Lush Twilight bath bomb, in the way that it is lavender, but sweet rather than overly herbal/floral. I like to burn this in my bedroom before I go to sleep as it is just so relaxing. The sweetness adds an addictive quality and makes it feel more cosy and warming than spa-like, and I think that makes it my favourite of the two.

LittleWhiteDragon Personalised Candles Calming Lavender

LittleWhiteDragon's candles are made from 100% natural soy wax in their candles and are cruelty-free. Soy wax is my favourite as the candles burn so much cleaner than those that use paraffin wax. The wax also burns down way more evenly and it doesn't suck all the air out of the room! You get a much more pure scent and it's so much more tolerable if you are sensitive to scent like some of my family members are.

I think pretty much anyone who loves candles would appreciate LittleWhiteDragon, whether you're looking for a beautiful gift for Mother's Day or a little treat for yourself. I know these will appeal to bloggers who, as a collective, are suckers for anything personalised or branded. I love both of the scents, and would love to try more. I really like the sound of their Lychee & Pomegranate scent, and I think I'll be picking up some of the soy wax melts next!

What would you put on a personalised candle?

*Post contains PR samples

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