Pretty in Pink for Valentine's

14 February 2016

Pretty Pink Beauty Perfume Valentines

Now as the eternally single gal (hey, it's okay!), it's understandable that I've never the biggest aficionado for Valentine's Day. The older I have gotten, the more I've become "meh" about it, and it's more than obvious that the day has become yet another marketing ploy. However, I can't deny that the whole saga doesn't make me want to pile on the pink, love hearts and all. I'm sharing some of my favourite rosy-hued beauty products and perfumes, because everyone wants to feel pretty in pink!

I'm going to start off with makeup and I've been really into this EOS Pomegranate Raspberry Lip Balm (£6.50) recently. I've had this for ages (probably too long, don't judge) but have only really just discovered it. It tastes amazing (priorities) and the shape makes it really quick and easy to apply.

I've got two lip options that are equally as pink and equally as beautiful. The first is a lipstick that I will talk about until I die, and that is the Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick (£7.99) in the shade Pink in the Afternoon. Cue another sentimental moment of me talking about how it made me fall in love with lipstick for the first time (we've heard it all before Kirst). Pink in the Afternoon is a really easy to wear, mid-toned rosy pink shade that is perfect for a daytime date.

Next up is more of a bold option and is the Barry M Matte Lip Paint (£4.49) in Shocking Pink. This is an ultra-bright, almost neon blue-toned pink shade and because it is so matte, it gives off such a retro vibe. I love to pair it with a simple flick of liquid liner and let the colour speak for itself. I'm looking forward to wearing this shade more as we move into spring.

Pretty Pink Beauty Perfume Valentines

For the cheeks, I would go with a pretty, fresh look rather than crazily contoured for a date. One of my favourite pink blushes is the MUA Matte Blush (£1) in Bon Bon. This is a gorgeous dusky, candy pink shade that is so flattering and has a really smooth formula.

I much prefer pastel pinks to bright neon shades on the nails, and one that I've been loving recently is Essie Just Stitched (£7.99). This is from their Matte Cashmere collection, so dries matte (obvs) with little shimmers under the surface so almost has a velveteen look to it. Keep it matte or pair with a glossy top coat to really play on the shimmer for a pretty, but still polished look.

Perfume plays a huge part in attraction, as well as making you feel fabulous. Some of my favourite scents would be absolutely perfect for Valentine's Day. Marc Jacobs Oh, Lola! (from £39) is a fruitilicious raspberry scent that is perfect for a flirty daytime date. Guys seem to love strong, sweet scents on a woman, and Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb (from £50) is exactly that. It is sugary sweet with a warm base and is perfect worn subtly for a sexy skin scent.

If you are heading out to a fancy restaurant and want to feel a bit more put together, a classic scent from a perfume house like Chanel is perfect. Coco Mademoiselle (from £49) adds a girlie twist onto an age-old classic. If budget is more your thing, one of my favourite sweet, pink scents is Let's Spritz! (£8) from the Zoella Beauty range. I wore this so much last summer as it is such a pretty, daytime scent. This contains notes of raspberry and cassis, and isn't all that far away from Oh, Lola!

If you're loved up, I wish you a very happy Valentine's Day. If you're not? Treat yourself to a pamper day, eat all the Ben & Jerry's and just enjoy yourself! 


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