February Empties

15 February 2016

It's empties time again! Today I'm fishing all the used up skincare items out of my empties bin. It's always nice to take another look over the products that I've finished, and really reflect on whether I want to buy them again instead of adding them straight on to my list. So many times I've repurchased even before I've finished the product and ended up completely going off it!

I've been trying out a lot of skincare recently, so a lot of it is made up of sample sachets. Somehow I can make sample sachets last a really long time. Does anyone else do that? I feel like they're meant for one use only, but I like to get a good idea of the product before I shell out my precious pennies! Aaaand there's something about empties posts that always makes me go off on a tangent... 

There's been a lot going on in the mask department, and I'm going to touch upon sheet masks first of all. Ever since I first tried them a year ago, myself and sheet masks have been best buds. My favourites to date? Those from Etude House (which I blogged about here). I had high hopes for the Indeed Labs Hydraluron Moisture Boosting Masks (£19.99 for 4) and the quality of the sheet was superior. They plumped my skin after use but my skin felt really dehydrated the next day which I don't notice with other sheet masks. I bought these when they were half price, so £2.50 per mask. I definitely wouldn't buy at full price, and will probably stick to the Korean alternatives.

I also tried the PU RE:CIPE Peach Slowganic Mask* (£5.49 for 3) which I reviewed in full here. I was impressed with the quality of the mask, and the peachy smell was lovely. This made my skin feel so hydrated and it looked significantly brighter in the morning. I was impressed and wouldn't be against buying it again.

Moving onto the more traditional masks and I decided to pick up a sachet of the Superdrug Sugar & Spice Self-heating Mask (99p). This was one that I really didn't like, mainly because it was really runny and messy. The heating element was fine, but overall I didn't feel like it did anything for my skin and I wasn't keen on the cinnamony biscuit scent.

A different concept of mask was the REN Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial (£32). I liked how quick this was. You apply it to a dry face, massage in with a bit of water and wait one minute before rinsing. I found this very brightening but a bit drying with regular use. This stained my white towels when I dried my face after using it, and the colour of the product changed from minty green to dark brown before its 9 month expiry. I was pretty disappointed as it was an expensive product and I had to throw half of it away.

Moving on to moisturisers and one that I loved was the Re:cipe Dong Hae Water Moisture Cream* (£29.99 full size), of which I was sent a generous amount of sachets from the lovely people at KorOme. This is a water-based lightweight gel that I would use in the evening, and it gave such a glow to my skin in the morning. It was deceptively hydrating and I would buy a full size.

When Facetheory launched last year, I was lucky enough to be selected to be on their review panel (you can read my original review here). I tested out the M3 Super Gel Moisturiser* (£14.99 full size), which I loved, and they also sent this little pot of their reformulation. This one was more lightweight but kept the soothing quality that I loved so much in the original. I don't know whether Facetheory have run with the reformulation, but I will soon find out as I am due a repurchase very soon.

I tried out a couple of the Oils of Life products when I was invited to a pamper session at The Body Shop back in the summer (read all about that here). The Intensely Revitalising Oil* (£28 full size) left my face feeling silky smooth and wasn't heavy or greasy. The Intensely Revitalising Bi-phase Essence* (£15 full size) is something I really liked the concept of. It is made up of oil and water which you shake together, giving a ultra-hydrating step before moisturiser. I liked the texture of this, but I didn't like the scent and something in this range broke me out, so I won't be repurchasing either of these.

The only cleanser in this list is Angels on Bare Skin* (full size from £6.95). I got a sample of this in a goodie bag at a Lush event (which you can read about here) and it's something I never would have picked on my own but I ended up really loving it. The ingredients of this fresh cleanser include ground almonds and lavender, and these really soften and exfoliate the skin. Angels on Bare Skin has almost a play-dough texture which you mix with water to create a paste. As shown by the full size in the photo, I did end up repurchasing!

Finally we come to eyes and I finished off two products. The first is the Kind To Eyes Revitalising Eye Roll-on from Simple (£5.19). This is a basic metal rollerball that is really cooling and refreshing. I don't use this as my main eye cream, more as just a refresher. It's so nice when you're feeling tired or headachey and I use this almost everyday so I have repurchased. I've also been testing out a sachet of the Caudalie Premier Cru Eye Cream* (£49 full size) which is a lightweight yet hydrating eye cream with a brightening yellow tint. I really liked it but it's pricey and I'm still loving my Kiehl's eye cream.

Which skincare products have you finished recently?


*Post contains PR samples

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