Reflecting on March | Behind The Blog #3

30 March 2016

Behind The Blog March

Can you believe it's time to reflect on another month of blogging once again? Where has the time gone? Looking back on the posts I've published, I'm feeling all the more confident in my content. I feel like the posts that I have written are more in line with my ideal niche, being predominantly scent and beauty based. I've put in a lot of hard work into my content this month to make it more varied and interesting, and I feel like that has been reflected in the collaborations I have planned for the near future. But the hard work never stops, so I'll also be sharing my goals for April. Cheers to another fab month!


I reviewed another beautiful trio of candles from handmade brand William & Joseph. This time, it's the turn of Orange & Prosecco, Cucumber & Wasabi and Plum & Rhubarb. The lovely gents, William and Joseph, have been kind enough to offer a set of these candles to one lucky reader, so get in quick, the giveaway ends on 4/4/16.

Unfortunately not every product I buy is a winner, so this month I collected together some of my biggest beauty products in preparation to have a clear out. Disappointing Products posts are some of my favourites to read, as I find them so informative and definitely stop me from making often a pricey purchase.

This month you won't be seeing a beauty favourites post, simply because I haven't had any favourites, so I'll leave you with last month's post. This month I started the series Beauty Tous Les Jours, which is all about my everyday beauty. Next month you'll also be seeing The Skincare Shelf, which will give a peek into the newest and most loved skincare products of the moment. Because of these two new additions to the blog, I didn't want to keep repeating myself in terms of products, so for now I have axed the favourites posts for the time being.

Having a bath is still the ultimate way to relax, and it's something I don't do as much as I know I should. Detox Boxes are an awesome idea from Queen Tea Cosmetics as they contain two ultra-cute tea bags full of bath salts, as well as a packet of Bath Milk to leave your skin feeling pampered and smooth. I have Queen Tea to thank for one of the most relaxing baths I've had in ages.

Winter is finally over and we are well and truly into spring now. My go-to seasonal lip shade is a bright peachy pink, but honestly I don't feel quite ready for anything quite that perky. I've put together an edit of both lip and nail shades that are perfect for the awkward transition between winter and spring.

Behind The Blog March


Getting 100 likes on an Instagram photo for the first time

I wrote my first ever restaurant review

Becoming a Graze Box ambassador


In last month's Behind The Blog, I set myself a couple of goals. I definitely think I have been more consistent on Instagram, although I have a lot of work to do. I've had a love/hate relationship with my Instagram feed this month, going from loving the theme and combination of photos, to wanting to change every little bit of it. I've definitely been giving Instagram a lot more thought this month, and that's something I'll continue to do throughout April. Cheeky plug - @BehindTheScentBlog

After almost six months of deliberation, I finally picked up the 45mm f 1.8 lens for my Olympus PEN camera. I managed to get a brilliant deal instore in John Lewis, and paid only £99 instead of £179. The salesman told me that they're selling off the silver lenses cheap as they haven't been in demand at all in comparison to the black ones. I haven't had much of a chance to play around with the lens yet, but I'm going to be putting a lot of work into improving my photography over the next month.

My final goal of last month was to increase productivity. Working from home, it's easy for motivation to slide, but I've been a lot more productive since utilising Google calenders for my blog schedule on my tablet. I can put the planned blog post title in there, along with tasks for the day, and it has definitely helped me keep on track.


Give a bit of love to Stumbleupon and Pinterest

Join in with blogger chats on Twitter

Get some business cards

Set up a schedule for tweeting about old content

Arrange to advertise on other blogs

What have been your blog highlights of March?
Do you have any goals for April?


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