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7 March 2016

FaceCamp FaceGym Selfridges

As you might have gathered from the many Instagrams I posted (#SorryNotSorry), I popped down to London on the train last Saturday morning and by 9.30am, I was queued up outside Selfridges waiting for the store to open. Who'd have thought I'd be a morning person?

I was invited to try out FaceGym, located in the Beauty Workshop. FaceGym is the concept of founder Inge Theron, more commonly known as the Spa Junkie. Inge spent years travelling around the world testing spa treatments for her health and wellbeing column in the Financial Times, Chronicles of a Spa Junkie. Isn't that just the dream?

After years of trialling facial treatments, both invasive and non-invasive, Inge realised the key lay beneath the skin within the muscles, and that it's not only your abs and biceps that need a workout. After a two-year study in facial massage and muscle stimulation, Inge worked in conjunction with the world's best doctors, facialists and fitness experts to create the FaceGym signature workout. The treatment borrows concepts from traditional exercise and includes a warm-up, cardio, sculpt and cool-down.

FaceCamp FaceGym Selfridges

FaceCamp is a new initiative from FaceGym, acting like a boot camp for your face. It is a 7-day tailored programme, offering a mix of FaceGym's signature workouts and electrical treatments. It becomes a more holistic programme, offering with dietary and lifestyle tips to help your skin look the best it can. FaceCamp is tailored to your skin's needs, and before you attend your first appointment, you get the option of choosing which programme suits you best. The options are:

Phone Face: This is tailored to the serial texter, the Instagram addict. The constant looking down at a phone gives poor posture, a sagging jaw, double chin, forehead creases and "11" lines. Frown lines and crap posture, check!

Winter Face: The effects of winter have taken its toll to give the look of being constantly tired and stressed. You'll have a constant resting bitch face, as well as dark circles, dull skin, wrinkles and saggy cheeks and jowls. Tired & stressed, check!
Sugar Face: This combats the effects of over-indulging. The face will look bloated and puffy, with enlarged pores, breakouts, a dull complexion, dark circles and pronounced nasolabial lines. Dullness, huge pores and spots, check!

FROW Face: For those that need to look camera-ready for fashion week. It targets tired, crepey and dull skin, as well as puffy eyes and wrinkles. Skin that looks dull and tired, check!

Fat Face: This is for those with a rounded, puffy face, double chin, sagging jowls and pronounced features. Chubby face, check!

I agreed with some statements from all the programmes, so didn't know which to pick, but in the end I opted for Phone Face. I spend way too long in front of a computer screen and I'm still trying to undo the effects a desk job had on my shoulders and neck. In hindsight I think I should have gone for either Sugar Face or Winter Face, I didn't realise how much the Phone Face was geared to sculpting the cheeks/jaw.

FaceCamp FaceGym Selfridges

The full 7 day Phone Face package, which costs £240, includes 2 Signature Workouts with Face Balling, 2 Signature Electrical treatments, as well as juice, smoothie and meal recipes from WelleCo & The Juicery. I love making green smoothies in my Breville BlendActive, as they give me so much energy for the day ahead, and is something I really want to get back into the routine of doing. The meals in the WelleCo booklet look fab and give me just the inspiration I need as I've been lacking in meal ideas lately.

Back onto the treatment (I think I had the Signature Electrical, but your first treatment will vary depending on the programme you choose). I had the lovely Annabel looking after me, and she started off by cleansing my skin, then started the warm-up section of the workout with a slow paced massage. She then moved on to cardio, with a faster massage using whip-like motions to stimulate blood flow.

Annabel then brought out the Face Ball, a miniature version of the swiss balls you see at the gym. This was firmly pressed into the contours of the face and chest (perfect as I had some tightness there from slumping forward at the desk) to aid lymphatic drainage, decreasing puffiness, and reducing muscle tension.

FaceCamp FaceGym Selfridges

Next up was the electrical treatment, which served as the strength-training element of the workout. The device in question is the Pure Lift. This uses micro currents to target the muscles in the face. The current simulates a nerve signal, causing an involuntary muscle contraction. Annabel concentrated the Pure Lift around my jaw line which amusingly made my lips quivver every now and again. The PureLift created a tingling feeling, but it was not unpleasant and it gave an instant lifting and plumping effect to the jaw line.

After the electrical treatment, a derma-roller was used. The micro needles create tiny holes in the skin so stimulates healing and increases collagen and elastin production. This gives a plumping effect to the skin. This made my skin quite red, but that calmed after the gentler jade roller was used, which has a soothing and tightening effect. Finally we had the cool-down section, where Annabel treated my skin with some beautifully scented products including a hydrating mist and oils.

FaceCamp FaceGym Selfridges

The whole treatment was very well thought-out. Annabel had all the products and equipment to hand so there was no wasting precious time searching for the perfect facial oil. Even the cotton pads were kept warm in her little station, which was a lovely touch. FaceGym uses a combination of their own branded products and an edited selection of brands, including Odacite and Royal Fern.

Annabel also recommended the Odacité Black Cumin & Cajeput Pimples Booster (£22), which I haven't been able to stop thinking about this past week. I love the sound of the Odacité Boosters, designed to be mixed in with your moisturiser or used alone, as you can chop and change them according to your skin's needs and they aren't super expensive.

FaceCamp FaceGym Selfridges

I don't consider myself to have sensitive skin, but it was quite red after the derma-rolling. Thankfully this went down pretty quickly and I was left with a glowing, plump complexion. The treatment oil made my skin feel super soft too. I did actually take before and after photos, but my skin was recovering from a few breakouts and the photos definitely didn't do the treatment justice. Although I would have been fine going makeup free for the rest of the day, I did pop a cheeky bit of concealer, mascara and lipstick on as I didn't feel very put together.

As I mentioned before, FaceCamp is a 7 day program comprising of 3 more treatments (depending on which face profile you choose). I don't live in London so I chose to just have the one treatment, as but I would definitely recommend FaceGym. I really enjoyed my treatment and it was the perfect way to start the weekend and treat myself after a long week in front of the computer. I'd definitely be tempted to book in for one of the express treatments (the signature workout is only £40 for 30 mins) if I was in London and had some time to kill before an event.

Would you try a gym for your skin?


I was invited for a complementary treatment for review purposes.

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