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19 March 2016

Queen Tea Morning Cuppa Detox Box Review

I love tea so much that I probably have it running through my veins, so a tea-related product always has my ears prickled. Queen Tea Cosmetics is a brand after my own heart, having created a range of all-natural afternoon tea-inspired bath products. On the Bath Time Menu are Bath Teas, Tea Scrubs, Bath Milk and Detox Boxes. Detox Boxes are a great introduction to the brand as they contain two of the Bath Tea bags, as well as a sachet of Bath Milk, and come in 3 different varieties, The Morning Cuppa, The Really Relaxing and The Tea-Tox Detox Box.

Queen Tea Morning Cuppa Detox Box Review

I have the Morning Cuppa Detox Box* (£10), Queen Tea's revitalising box, which I chose because I need all the help I can get in the mornings. Morning Cuppa is said to be a great hangover remedy (which I don't get any more because I've turned into a TOTAL granny), due to its uplifting citrus scent and detoxifying effects of the salts.

The idea is to start off with the Bath Tea, which contains detoxifying dead sea salt, and Epsom salts. It has a gentle uplifting scent, made up of lemon balm, rose petals, orange peel and lemon and peppermint essential oils. The instructions say to "brew" the bath tea bag, so I just plonked it in the bath and let it work its magic, although this does have string on so I presume you can tie it around the taps while you have the water running too.

The Oatmilk Bath Milk (which is the same regardless of which Detox Box you choose) adds a softening element to your bath water, which nourishes the skin. The Bath Milk contains powdered milk (does this remind anyone else of camping?), cocoa butter and oat bran, to leave you feeling like a goddess. The idea is to put 2 spoonfuls in your bath, but I totally forgot to take a spoon up, so I would have liked it if they'd included a little scoop in the set!

Queen Tea Morning Cuppa Detox Box Review

I don't tend to use bath salts that much as I usually like my baths to be either colourful or super bubbly (I just think a clear bath where you can see your naked self is just awkward), however I was pleasantly surprised by Queen Tea. My baths have been some of the most relaxing I've had. The scents aren't overpowering and just smell nice and fresh, and the Bath Teas are such a mess-free way to enjoy bath salts. Because let's face it, no-one wants to be cleaning dried petals out of their baths...

There's a good reason Queen Tea label themselves the cosmetic brand with a conscience. As well as using eco-friendly packaging, being 100% natural, ethical and vegetarian, Queen Tea work closely with charities to fight poverty and malnutrition. For every Bath Milk you buy, they donate nutritious milk to children around the World. Additionally, 10% of the profits from the Detox Boxes are donated to the Trussell Trust, which raises awareness of hunger poverty in the UK.

All in all, I think Queen Tea Cosmetics is a lovely brand and their Detox Boxes would make the perfect gift. They are gorgeously packaged, affordable AND you're helping to make a difference too. Brb, my bath is ready... Cue aaaall the cringing in the world as no-one, I repeat NO-ONE says "brb" any more!

Which box would you choose?


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