William & Joseph Spring Candle Trio

14 March 2016

William & Joseph Spring Candle Trio Giveaway

You might remember last month, I introduced a fab new candle brand, William & Joseph (read that post here). William & Joseph produce beautiful hand-poured soy wax candles in a huge range of innovative fragrances. I loved their Summer Holiday and Creme Brulée candles so much that the guys sent me a trio of handpicked scents that are perfect for spring, and the best part? They've got a set for one of you lovely lot too. Simply stick around until the end of the post for details on how to win!

The scents I received are Cucumber & Wasabi, Orange & Prosecco and Plum & Rhubarb, which are all really lovely, fresh scents. These candles are all the small size (£5), which burn for approximately 24 hours. In my last review, I mentioned that I preferred the smaller size as they look so cute and delicate, plus it is a great way to try a few scents before you commit to a larger size. Talking of scents, William and Joseph have been busy chaps as they have so many amazing new scents on the site, including some Game of Thrones and Disney (!?!) inspired ones, as well as the adorable sounding Fluffy Easter Chicks.

The candles all have a soy wax base, which is definitely my preference these days. I love how the candles burn so cleanly, allowing the scents to take centre stage without sucking the air out of the room. I don't like burning normal wax candles when I feel tired or headachey, as it tends to make it worse, but I find soy wax is fine so I've been burning these almost every day. The scents are quite subtle, but fragrance the room really well without being too overpowering.

William & Joseph Cucumber & Wasabi

The scent I was most looking forward to trying is Cucumber & Wasabi*. Funnily enough, I actually hate the taste of wasabi, but the cucumber takes the lead in this scent and the wasabi is in the background, adding a subtle warmth to the scent. The cucumber is really fresh and juicy and extremely true to life rather than smelling like watermelon like most other scents I've tried. There is also a bit of a citrus zing in the scent, which makes it a really lovely candle for the kitchen. Cucumber & Wasabi is really refreshing, perfect for those spring cleans, and I love that is is so unique. This definitely is one of the standout scents in William & Joseph's range.

William & Joseph Orange & Prosecco

Prosecco & Orange* is the second scent in the set, and this one is is bright, fun fragrance, designed with the idea of mimosas in mind. To me, it smells like fizzy orange pop, but the prosecco stops it from being to sweet. It has almost an orange peel nature about it, as it has some zestiness to it, as well as a subtle creamy floral note. I can imagine burning this a lot in the summer too, and it would be the perfect candle to light when entertaining.

William & Joseph Plum & Rhubarb

Last but not least is Plum & Rhubarb*, which again is another stunning, complex scent. This is a lot sweeter than the other two, with the rich, fruitiness of the plum. This is contrasted with the sourness of British rhubarb to create a really unique and lovely scent, perfect for a bedroom. I love how this one captures the Great British summer months; hand-picking fruit, perhaps to bake into a pie, or to pop into a summer cocktail. This is another one that I will be getting a lot of use out of in summer, as well as burning alongside a woody/cinnamon candle for the autumn. This is a fab, all year round scent.

These scents definitely set the tone to move us out of winter, with Cucumber & Wasabi motivating the spring cleans and fresh starts, and Prosecco & Orange and Plum & Rhubarb giving off a fun and fruity vibe to get us excited for the year ahead. A beautiful trio of fragrances and a great introduction to the brand, I honestly cannot pick a favourite!

As I mentioned before, the lovely people at William & Joseph have given me the chance to share these beautiful scents with one reader. The winner will receive one of each: Cucumber & Wasabi, Orange & Prosecco and Plum & Rhubarb small candles. There are a variety of entry methods, some mandatory and some extra, as outlined in the Rafflecopter widget below:


This giveaway will be UK only, and it will remain open from 14th March 2016 for three weeks until 4th April 2016 at 0:00 GMT.

The winner will be drawn at random using the Rafflecopter widget providing the entries have been completed correctly, and notified via email on the 5th April. 

The winner will be given 28 days to respond, to keep it fair and in line with current guidelines. In the event that the winner does not respond within this timeframe, a new winner will be chosen. 

I will pass on the winner's details to my contact at William & Joseph, who will be responsible for sending out the prize.

As always, I never discriminate against compers and they are more than welcome to enter any giveaway on this blog.

Good luck!


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