Yankee Candle My Serenity Collection

17 March 2016

Yankee Candle My Serenity Collection

The first new Yankee Candle scents of 2016 come in the form of the My Serenity collection, a group of contemporary and calming fragrances for spring. The collection contains four fragrances, which includes Moonlight, Peony, Lemongrass & Ginger and of course, My Serenity. On first impressions, my favourites are My Serenity and Peony, with Moonlight being my least favourite.

I decided to pick up tarts in each scent, as I like to sample the scents before committing to a jar candle, and the tarts usually have a better scent throw than the votives. Tarts retail for £1.49 and are said to burn for up to 8 hours, although I end up getting so much more out of them as I only use a quarter of a tart in my burner at once.

Yankee Candle Lemongrass & Ginger
Yankee Candle Moonlight

Lemongrass & Ginger is described as "A fresh, clean mixture of gentle lemongrass and just-cut ginger - pure invigoration". It is very fresh and natural smelling, with a touch of citrus. It also has a certain subtlety. Ive used the essential oils before and found them really intense and I was worried that this would be the same, however I actually really like it. It is a great springtime scent, great to burn when you've just cleaned the house to give an airy feel.

Then we have Moonlight, which is described as "a subtle blend of bamboo, woody notes and bergamot - as intoxicating as moonlight on the water". This comes across as quite a masculine scent, that almost comes across as bitter, and has cool aquatic notes. I also detect a random hint of shea butter. It's not horrible, but wouldn't be my first choice of scent.

Yankee Candle My Serenity

My Serenity is described as "the definition of calm - warm pear and orange mingle with tropical flowers and soft musk". This is a mellow, warm scent with a definite tropical vibe. To me, it smells like pineapple, and it has a similar formula to the classic Yankee Candle scent, Pink Sands.

Last but most definitely not least is Peony. This one is described as "the rich scent of Spring's most coveted bloom - the peony - entices with notes of bright sweetness". Peony is definitely one of the sweetest of the bunch; a pretty floral that just smells pink. I've never had a bunch of peonies (bad blogger, I know), so I don't know what peony actually smells like. Here, it smells a little like sugared rose, which makes it a little different from the classic floral scent. It makes for a lovely spring scent, and is one of my favourite of the bunch.

Yankee Candle Peony

My experience with Yankee Candle's wax tarts has been an interesting one. Although I found a couple of scents that I will keep on burning, I'm not sure how much I enjoyed the scents in tart form. I noticed that this batch was eye-wateringly strong in our small-ish rooms. I've burned tarts for a long time and only really struggled with the strength of one or two of them, but I ended up having to place my burner in the adjacent room. Because of this, I've picked up my next lot of Yankee scents in the votive form. They have just launched their Pure Essence collection has just launched, so there will be a review of that up soon. Let me know whether you like this full collection review type of post, or whether you'd prefer to see each scent reviewed separately!

If you're a regular reader of my Yankee Candle posts, you'll know that I didn't truly love any of their collections last year, in fact, only a few of the scents made it into my 2015 in Candles review. I do think My Serenity makes for a strong collection, and one that I have enjoyed, with the exception of Moonlight. I think the scents are unique, and very much in line with their fresh spring theme, evoking mindfulness, peace and serenity.

Have you tried the My Serenity collection? If so, what's your favourite scent?


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