Trying Nail Wraps for the First Time!?

20 April 2016

DinkiBelle Nail Wraps

Nail wraps are something that I've wanted to try for quite some time, so when the press release for DinkiBelle nail wraps popped into my inbox, I was keen to find out more. I always felt like I was doing something wrong when painting my nails, as I felt like they never lasted more than a day or two without chipping. DinkiBelle claims that their wraps can last up to two weeks, depending on the amount natural oils in your nails and how well you look after them, which sounds like a dream!

One of the things that really had me interested was the fact that they are better for your nails than polish or stick-on nails. Nadia Theron, the owner of DinkiBelle actually created the company due to having a history of damaged nails after using gel and acrylic nails. I bit my nails for years, so I think that has really impacted how they grow now, as they never seem to make it past the tips of my fingers without flaking and breaking.

Nadia says: “I suffered from severe nail damage and an allergic reaction to some of the chemicals in nail polish. For years I searched in vain for something that was fashionable, affordable, and protected my nails from daily wear and tear, that didn’t use unnecessary chemicals and damage my nails.  After not having much success, I realised that it couldn’t only be me who wanted gorgeous nails without the fear of causing more damage, so I decided to do some research and testing – which is when DinkiBelle was born. It’s been a long time coming, but I’m very excited to continue this journey and share DinkiBelle with the beauty lovers in every corner of the world.”

DinkiBelle Nail Wraps

DinkiBelle nail wraps are '5 free', meaning that they are non-toxic and are free from formaldehyde, diabutyl phthalate, toluene, camphor and formaldehyde resin (check out the DinkiBelle blog for more info). This is great because there are no harsh chemicals which could weaken and damage the nails. The nail wraps provide a strong, protective barrier which helps to reduce damage to nails from outside elements, while caring for the nails from within.

There are 20 different designs available, with everything from bright comic-inspired numbers to pretty florals. I went for the Princess Sparkle Set* (because who doesn't want pink glittery nails?), and the Marble Set* (because... bloggers). One of things that really puts me off about glitter nail polish is the fact that it is usually such a faff to remove, whereas these simply peel off (in theory!).

In each pack there are 2 sheets of 10 wraps, in different sizes. I have quite small fingers and relatively short nails, so I managed to do a whole manicure with just over half a sheet, but if your hands are bigger you might find you need a whole pack. You could also just use the wraps on an accent nail, which is a great idea if you have one or two wraps left over from a previous manicure.

DinkiBelle Nail Wraps

So how do I actually put them on? Before you start, you'll want to have a pair of nail scissors, a nail file and a cuticle tool handy. 

1) Clean the nails with a wipe of nail polish remover to get rid of excess oils.

2) Pick the right size wrap and remove the clear plastic coating. You might need to trim the wrap slightly to fit the width of your nails. Just remember to take of the plastic wrap before cutting, otherwise it can be tricky, as I found out while doing my first nail. 

3) Take off the backing paper, to reveal the adhesive side and place on the nail and smooth over. You can use a cuticle tool to smooth out any bubbles if needed.

4) You will have some excess wrap at the top of the nail, so you can file it in a downward motion to remove it. The best way I found was to trim the bulk of the excess wrap with nail scissors, and then file to clean up the edges. 

5) Add a layer of top coat.

This is completely up to you, but personally I opted for the top coat to seal in the wrap and give it more protection. The top coat made the wraps really smooth, durable and shiny. You can even add an extra coat after a few days to make the wraps last longer. I was recommended the Maybelline Dr.Rescue Gel Effect Top Coat (£2.99) as my usual Seche Vite risks shrinking the wraps due to it being quick drying. 

DinkiBelle Nail Wraps

At the time of writing, I've had my wraps on for fours days now and they are lasting pretty well considering normal nail polish never lasts this long! There are a few nails where I've accidentally placed the wrap a bit too low on my cuticle, or overlapped my skin on the sides, so I know those nails won't last as well as others. That is all down to human error, and I'll do a little update in my Spring Manicure Menu post next month. 

So far I'm really impressed with DinkiBelle nail wraps as I found them really easy to apply and are really affordable compared to gel/acrylic nails at £6.99. The best thing is that they are completely mess-free. There was no drying time (other than the top coat) and it was amazing to be able to go straight back to any tasks without having to worry about smudging or chipping. We've all been there when we've needed the loo straight after painting our nails, right? So far they are definitely out performing normal nail polish, and it's a great way to wear glitter without the horrendous removal process (I hope!) I'm looking forward to trying out my Marble set, as well as experimenting with some of the other styles. 

The lovely Nadia has so kindly sent me an extra set of Princess Sparkle nail wraps to share with one lucky reader. Full details are over on my Instagram

Congratulations to @bebostunner for winning this giveaway!

Have you ever tried nail wraps?

*Post contains PR samples kindly provided by DinkiBelle

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