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7 May 2016

Body Fantasies Pink Grapefruit Fantasy

Having never been to the US, I hadn't heard about Body Fantasies until all the blog posts started rolling in upon the brand's UK launch at the beginning of this year. It seems to be somewhat a cult brand, alongside all those others we can't get in England: Bath & Body Works, Color Pop, Sephora... As a self-confessed fragrance obsessive, I knew I had to get my hands on these affordable alternatives to the Victoria Secret body mists!

Body Fantasies have launched 4 of their signature fragrances in Superdrug; Pink Vanilla Kiss Fantasy, Japanese Cherry Blossom, Twilight Mist and Pink Grapefruit Fantasy. Housed in cute brightly coloured bottles, in a travel-friendly size, these claim to hold 500 spritzes, all for just £3.99. After smelling all four scents, I decided that Pink Grapefruit Fantasy and Pink Vanilla Kiss Fantasy were the most appealing. Twilight Mist was more musky smelling, similar to Britney's Midnight Fantasy if I remember rightly, and Japanese Cherry Blossom was a bit too floral for me. I usually really dislike pink grapefruit scents, so was really surprised that it was one that I actually bought. 

Body Fantasies Body Mists Review

Pucker up for Pink Vanilla Kiss Fantasy! Delectable juicy peach and berries open the fragrance, while soft florals round out the middle. The base, comprised of woods and musk, is beautifully crafted to create a feminine, fruity, gourmand fragrance.

Pink Vanilla Kiss Fantasy is a sweet and flirty fragrance, that just smells pink. I detect vanilla or cotton candy notes which I often find really overpowering in proper perfumes, but as a body mist it is perfect for me as it isn't overwhelmingly sweet. It actually reminds me of a Boots Glitter Babes body spray I had back in the 90's. Did anyone else have those? I LOVED them! This one is really fun and girlie, and has been my go-to for an everyday spritz when I'm not going anywhere fancy.

Body Fantasies Signature Sparkling Pink Grapefruit is a daytime sensation, as fresh and crisp as a sunny day on the beach! With top notes of  jewelled pomegranate and pink grapefruit, middle notes of jasmine, rose water and lotus flower and a base of  white musk and sheer vanilla. 

Pink Grapefruit Fantasy is a zingy, fresh scent. I'm so happy that it doesn't smell like that stereotypical grapefruit smell, which I got completely sick of after using a Neutrogena grapefruit face wash for years! It smells like zesty citrus, and it's one that I will use when I want something really uplifting. Scents like this are also great for the gym bag! 

Although I don't think the Body Fantasies body mists are as good as the Victoria Secret ones (Ravishing Love was just bae, bring it back plz VS?), and they're not the most sophisticated of scents, they are definitely worth the hype. I think they are really good value and are so good to just throw in your bag as an upgrade from the typical 90's Impulse body spray. I really hope they bring some more of the US fragrances over because there are some amazing sounding scents available like Cotton Candy, Red Velvet and Paradise Fantasy! 

What's your favourite Body Fantasies scent?

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