Brain Dump | Behind The Blog #4

4 May 2016

Behind The Blog. Usually the post where I wax lyrical about my monthly blog achievements, share my most popular content and generally drown in self-love. This month, it's a little different...

My most popular posts from April? 

Pretty much the same as last month as I've used StumbleUpon for some of those posts which has boosted my views. Awesome!

Or so I thought...

I think StumbleUpon has blacklisted me. What a basic bitch.

This month? I'm not feeling quite so positive. 

I've been feeling a bit restricted with my content.

This month I just want to write. 

With so many candles to test out over the last month or two, burning them has become a bit of a chore. I still have a few reviews lined up but I need to give my nose a break and have the time to enjoy the candles I already have. 

With so many scheduled/brand posts this month, I felt a bit restricted. I want to post with fun, unique concepts, but I've felt a little confined to reviews. I cannot tell you how lovely it was to write my Beauty Tous Les Jours post, a completely personal, non-PR sample post. 

All the reviews, where do I fit in? Of course I write with a personal tone, but I'm just craving to write a post where there's no products involved, just a post where I speak to anyone that is reading.

I want to write freely, without these structured constraints that I have created for myself. 

A bit of lifestyle, a bit about how I'm feeling.

It'll all change next month. Who knows where I'll be? On a beach plzzz...


God my positive headings make me want to vom. 

But yeah, I guess it wasn't all bad...

My DA went up to 23!

Pre-rebrand (link) it was 20, so I'm happy its back up and beyond that only a few months later.

I was featured in Itsliviamae's 8 blogs to read

I've always read posts like this, and thought it'd be nice to be featured myself. Thanks babe!

I've recently discovered Snapchat and it's bae.

Did I really say that? Ew. 

But yeah, no pressure to make everything Instagrammable makes for a happy Kirstie.

 Want to follow me on Snapchat? Username: BehindTheScent



Actually, I did reach a couple of milestones.

3000 on Twitter and 1000 on Instagram (finally!).



No but seriously, I do reaaaally need to get a tripod and business cards...

I think I need some GIN...

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