Thoughts on a Capsule Wardrobe & Summer Trend Wishlist

31 May 2016

Capsule Wardrobe Summer Trend Wishlist

Fashion isn't something I talk about all that much on this blog, because let's face it, it's hella hard to take the photos, right? I thought I'd put together a bit of a rambly post about my current wardrobe, shopping habits and everything I'm lusting after. I actually planned to write a similar post at the start of spring, but that never really happened, so I'm whizzing straight through to summer to chat about what I'm wearing when I've not got my "Monday is a basic bitch" sweater on (legit my favourite thing in life).


Just before the start of winter last year, highly influenced by the likes of Vivianna Does Makeup and the blog, Un-Fancy, I set myself the task of creating a capsule wardrobe. I've never been the kind of girl to be addicted to clothes shopping, so having a set rotation of go-to outfits really suited me. 

I've always been a bit of a picky shopper: I'd rarely find things I liked, so when I did, I allowed myself to splurge. When I say splurge, I only mean Topshop, this was in my student days and let's face it, I'm still not overly spendy when it comes to clothes. 

Having this notion of a capsule really changed the way I approached clothes shopping. So when Spring came around, I had a few items in mind, and the capsule wardrobe concept meant I was more focussed on finding the perfect cut and fit, rather than just buying what I could find.

The concept is something that I wanted to apply to other areas in my life, and it has made me very aware of the fact that I am a massive hoarder when it comes to things like makeup, skincare and just general crap. It definitely impacts my shopping habits, and stops me from making too many impulse purchases. My bank balance is thanking me!

Capsule Wardrobe Summer Trend Wishlist


I'm a black ankle boot, leggings, leather jacket kinda gal. I love relaxed fit shirts and tees and breton stripes are always a winner. I'm also a huge sucker for an aztec/tribal print, particularly when it's monochrome. Knowing my style makes shopping so much easier which means I'm quick to identify the styles would be a seamless addition to my wardrobe.

I like to choose pieces that transcend seasons and trends, to get the best value out of the clothes I buy. I look for simple pieces with clean cuts, which mean often the more grungy/sport-luxe trends don't always fit, as much as I love them. I also tend to pick things that match my lifestyle. I find a lot of websites like Boohoo, Pretty Little Thing and Missguided are full of going out dresses, but I don't really enjoy nights out any more, so I've left the bodycon styles with my uni partying days. I don't feel overly comfortable getting my legs out any more, so it's likely you'll find me in jeans or leggings day-to-day.

Capsule Wardrobe Summer Trend Wishlist


I'm not going for an overly summery wardrobe because I'm not going away this year. There are some trusty pieces I'll bring out from storage, a boho-style maxi dress, and a few pairs of shorts etc. As I mentioned, I love a monochrome colour palette, but for summer I like to switch to wearing more white than black. Usually my wardrobe gets a lot brighter in the warmer months. I love wearing coral shades, as it is such a fun colour, but this year I've definitely been gravitating towards the more muted colours like khaki and blue. I know they aren't the most summery shades, but maybe it's because we get about 5 minutes of sun in the UK? 


I hate myself for saying this, but I'm actually kind of totally into the neckerchief trend, I think it works really well with casual shirts. I also love chokers, as I love how they instantly give those 90's vibes to an outfit. I'm currently crushing over this ASOS Paisley Choker (2) as it's the best of both worlds! I can't really talk about summer accessories without mentioning sunglasses, and when I saw this Rose Gold pair (11) in one of Lily Melrose's blog posts, I absolutely fell in love with them. I can't believe they're from Ebay!  


There's nothing I love more than a relaxed tee, and although I always used to hate anything with a graphic/slogan print, I've really gotten into monochrome American sport-inspired designs. I currently have a baseball-esque top from Primark in my wardrobe, and I love how easy it is to wear. I've been eyeing up the Boohoo Brooklyn Sleeveless Top (1) and the Adidas Originals Trefoil Tennis Tee (10), which have a similar vibe. 


Another thing which plays a large part in my wardrobe is the humble shirt. Rather than stuffy, office types, I love a relaxed fit with the top few buttons left open, they're just so effortless and can be smartened up with a nice jacket, jeans and boots. I mentioned that I love stripes, so this Y.A.S Shirt (3) pretty much has my name on it. I picked up a khaki shirt in New Look last year and put it down because I thought it was too expensive for what it was. I've kind of regretted it ever since, and I'm so tempted by this Pimkie Pocket Detail Shirt (6) from ASOS. The last shirt is one that is a little different in shape, and I just thought it has a really interesting and flattering cut. The Topshop Frill Peplum Shirt (13) has a feminine take on the granddad collar neckline and tie-waist detailing with a monochrome check print. I've wanted something with this kind of print for ages!


No wardrobe is complete without denim and whilst I'm still scared of white jeans, I always turn to a lighter wash for summer. I've been loving ripped jeans recently, and these Topshop Lucas Jeans (15) look so relaxed and comfortable. There's nothing worse than artificial looking rips in jeans, I like it to look natural and lived-in. I know I said I don't like getting my legs out, but I really love the look of this ASOS Denim A-line Skirt (9). I have one from Romwe that is pretty similar but it isn't that great a fit, and this one looks like it'd be so much more flattering. Denim shorts are practically a requirement in the summer and I thought the lace detailing on this Fat Face pair (5) was adorable. I thought the shorts would go so well with this cute white embroidered Cold Shoulder Top (4) from New Look. Staying with the denim theme, I've seen a lot of people wearing Americana-inspired belts with light wash jeans and shorts, so this Topshop Belt (7) would be perfect to add a 70's vibe, especially when paired with the bandanna choker!


I know it's summer, but it can still be a bit nippy, particularly in the mornings and evenings. I've wanted a bomber jacket for such a long time, and I think this Boohoo one (12) is perfect! At first I wasn't sure as they can look quite sporty, but the red embroidery on this number makes it really unique and a bit more girlie. Something that totally isn't "me" at all is this Boohoo Camo Denim Jacket (14) but I bloody love it! I think it would be fab with the Adidas tee, ripped jeans and trainers. Another one from Boohoo is this Blazer Jacket (8). The chic double breasted blazer style is so similar to one from Reiss that I've seen a couple of bloggers wear, and even is a little reminiscent of Balmain with the buttons. I think this would be the perfect piece to wear to meetings etc. but would even work for things like going out for drinks too. 

Let me know which is your favourite item and what you're lusting after at the moment!

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