A Quick May Favourites

1 June 2016

I haven't done a favourites post in such a long time, but I really wanted to share some of the things I've been loving this month. Most of my favourites this month are beauty related, but I just wanted to start with lifestyle. I finally finished watching Suits on Netflix and absolutely loved it, but I've been so stuck on what to watch next, I just can't settle into anything! I've been watching a lot more YouTube this month instead and it's making me so tempted to start! That aside, leave me recommendations on what series to watch next, pretty please and thank you! 


I'm going to kick things off with skincare, and I did mention two out of the three in the post (Skincare Problem Solvers for Combination Skin) that I wrote for Fiona's blog, Wishes, Hopes and Dreams. I used to love the La Roche-Posay Effeclar Duo+ but hadn't really explored the range beyond that. I got a sample of the Effeclar Purifying Foaming Gel* (£11.50) recently and didn't really expect to love the gel formula, however it has to be one of the nicest foaming cleansers I've ever used. It doesn't dry out the skin and I think it definitely played a part in clearing my skin up. 

The Vichy Aqualia Thermal Dynamic Hydration Serum (£22.50) is something I wanted to try for such a long time, and the more I use it, the more I fall in love with it. It is so hydrating and leaves my skin feeling really soft. I use a lot of brands in the Vichy price bracket, as well as high-end, and usually don't bother with the cheaper drugstore ranges, but the Superdrug Vitamin E Facial Scrub (£2.99) is something that really surprised me! It has the perfect amount of scrubiness (technical term right there), leaves my skin smooth and soft and smells incredible!

Last in the skincare category is the Clarins Liquid Bronze Facial Self Tanner (£20). I've had this for a while but have only recently started reaching for it. I think it just makes my pale skin look a little more healthy without makeup, and takes things from looking a bit too "Siberia" and back up to the "Mont Blanc" side of things (AKA the best foundation colour match I've found, thank you NARS Sheer Glow!). Err yeah, got a little sidetracked there... The Clarins self tanner is so easy to use, I pop a little bit with a cotton pad after moisturising every few days before bed and it gives such a foolproof natural glow.


If you saw my Maybelline post, you will know that I have been road testing a ton of products. Initially I thought the  Master Contour V Stick Duo Contour & Highlight* (£6.99) was a bit gimmicky, and honestly I'm not sure how it'll work once I've used more of the product, but it is so easy to use, the shade (I use Light) is really flattering on my skin tone and it is really easy to blend. I was using the NYX Wonderstick before I got this, but I've been snubbing it in favour of the Maybelline option.

Another Maybelline product that I really took a shine to is the Lash Sensational Luscious with Oil Blend Mascara* (£7.99). This mascara has a really interesting wand. I adore plastic wands, and this is just the right size (I found the original Lash Sensational wand too big and messy). It has little reserviors for the product to really coats your lashes and it is super black. I think mascara is one of those things that Maybelline always does really well. 


When it comes to body, there's nothing I hate more than moisturising (okay, shaving my legs too...) but I have recently rediscovered the Zoella Beauty Candy Cream Softening Body Lotion (£5). I pulled this out of my stash after hearing that it will be discontinued and replaced by the new Sweet Inspirations range (there will be a post on the body mist soon!). The Tutti Fruity scent smells like sweet summer berries and leaves a really pretty scent on the skin. I've just snapped up the scrub too.

Last but not least is a fragrance favourite. I picked up a ton of new scents in a Superdrug order not that long ago, and the one I've been reaching for the most is CK One Summer 2016 (£33). This is a refreshing unisex scent with notes of lime and mint, guava, coconut and cedar. There will be a full review on this up soon so I don't want to say too much, but if you're looking for a fresh summer scent that isn't all coconuts and suncream, I'd definitely recommend checking this out. 

What have you been loving recently?
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*Post contains PR samples and gifted products.

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