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8 June 2016

Carex Fun Editions Review

Carex, made by the company Cussons, is the UK's number 1 best-selling hand wash, and has been ever since it's launch in 1994. In fact, it was the first anti-bacterial handwash to launch in the UK! Carex also hold the torch for the first hand santitiser too, which was introduced in 1998. It's crazy to think that hand wash and hand gel weren't even a thing when I was born.

The Carex Fun Editions range is something that I've wanted to try for such a long time so when the PR team got in touch, I was more than enthusiastic. I was kindly sent the Chocolate Orange and Strawberry Laces Hand Washes, Bubblegum  Hand Gel and the Strawberry Laces Soft Cleansing Wipes for hands, face and body. Before I start, I just want to get one thing out the way. This post was basically an excuse to go out and buy a ton of sweets without feeling hella guilty about it... 

Carex Fun Editions Hand Wash Review

The Fun Editions Hand Washes are a new spin on the much loved Carex formula, which contains a special blend of moisturisers, is dermatologically tested and kills 99.9% of bacteria. There are four scents in the range, Cola Bottles, Bubblegum, Strawberry Laces and Chocolate Orange, of which I have the latter two.

The Strawberry Laces Hand Wash* (£1.89) really does capture that jelly scent that strawberry laces have. I'm not ashamed to say I ate a whole packet of them in the process of writing this blog post. The sweet strawberry scent isn't overpowering but stays on the hands for a short while after washing, and it is really pleasant when you catch a whiff of it. I think the strawberry is my favourite scent out of the two hand washes. Can we just take a moment to appreciate this review I found on their website?

Carex Fun Editions Review

The Chocolate Orange Hand Wash* (£1.89) is actually my mum and dad's favourite out of the three scents. I initially wanted to get a Terry's Chocolate Orange for the photos, but couldn't really find them. Is it just a Christmas thing? Anyway, the Carex version makes a lovely change from the typical citrus scent as it has a sweetness and doesn't smell like bathroom cleaner, which is what usually puts me off orange or lemon scents.

As well as smelling amazing, these hand washes lather up well to make your hands feel really clean, without drying them out. I use more traditional bar soaps than hand washes, because when I've used them in the past I've found that they made my hands quite dry, and I don't tend to have overly dry hands in general. After using the Carex ones for a couple of weeks, I haven't noticed any problems, which is awesome as I was a bit worried they wouldn't be that moisturising.

Carex Fun Editions Hand Gel Wipes Review

Now I'm pretty sure these are aimed at little ones with sticky fingers and mucky faces, but the Strawberry Laces Wipes* (£1 for 15) are so handy to throw in your handbag for eating on the go, plus they don't have that horrid citrus fragrance that wipes usually have. Wipes aren't something I'd usually buy, but these are so fun and are really useful to have out and about. 

Hand gels are also a useful on-the-go staple. I find whipping an amazing scented hand sanitiser out before dinner with friends is always a talking point. There's always someone that asks what the scent is, and are amazed to find out it's your hand gel! I have the Bubblegum Hand Gel* (£1.45) and it smells exactly like you would hope. As with all hand gels, there is the initial hit of alcohol so I wouldn't recommend sniffing this straight from the bottle, but once it's on the hands it smells lovely! The hand gels come in handy 50ml sizes so are also fab for throwing into your hand luggage, and there is also a Strawberry Laces scent. 

Even though we don't have kids in our house, the Carex Fun Editions products are still an absolute winner and they really make washing your hands into something to smile about. I'm surprised about how true to life the scents are, and that you don't have to compromise on the formula by having a fun scent. I'm definitely going to be picking up the bubblegum hand wash next!

Have you ever used candy scented soap?

*Post contains PR samples kindly provided by Carex for the purpose of this review.

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