The Body Shop Piñita Colada Range

23 June 2016

The Body Shop Piñita Colada Review

The Body Shop have some fab new products lately and I was lucky enough to win 3 products from their summer body release, Piñita Colada from a twitter giveaway run by the babein' Sophie from I have always loved coconut scents so when I heard about the Piñita Colada collection, I knew it was something I was going to buy anyway. You can imagine my delight when I saw I was the winner of Sophie's giveaway,  I literally never win anything! 

The postman arrived with these literally just when I was about to take a shower, so I used these within about 5 minutes of unwrapping. The first thing I used in my routine was the Body Scrub (£15). This has a consistency that is exactly like Pina Colada, even down to the flakes of shredded coconut. It is creamy and runny, so I didn't think it would be that effective. I usually choose thicker, salt based scrubs, but I was really surprised by this! It does a good job of sloughing off the fake tan. Being so thin, you do need to use a lot of product though, so I think for £15, it will go down very quickly!

Next up is the Shower Gel (£5), which does the job. It smells good and isn't too drying. One thing I did notice is the change in packaging. They have used a tougher plastic which although looks really sleek with the black lid, it does make it slightly trickier to squeeze out which could be a problem when you are near to the end.

The final product I have is the Body Butter (£14), although there is also a lighter body sorbet in the range which I don't have. The Body Shop's body butters are always a winner, and I usually have at least one in my stash. I find them so luxurious and nourishing so they're great to use after a bath or shower. This one made my skin smell amazing for hours, and also kept my skin nourished all day. It is probably my favourite product out of the three, although I really want to pick up the sorbet. I loved the cooling texture of the Mojito one they launched last year, and I find it especially fab for easing tired, puffy feet and legs in the heat!

I'm really impressed with the 3 products I have, and will definitely be picking up some of the other new launches. They have some really interesting new skincare products; there is a lightweight SPF that looks amazing, as well as some new additions to the Vitamin E range. I think The Body Shop has been brilliant recently at bringing out really innovative products incorporating new technologies and Korean influences at an affordable price point. Plus the scents they bring out get better and better, so it's no wonder they are a regular fixture in my shower!

Which is your favourite Body Shop product?

*Post features products won in a giveaway

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