64 Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas to Kick Bloggers Block in the Butt!

22 July 2016

64 Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas

I always hear of people saying that they struggle to find blog post ideas. That's something I personally find completely baffling as I always have a good couple of week's post ideas planned at any one time. I thought I'd put together a quick list of ideas for anyone that gets a case of bloggers block. Being primarily a beauty blog, I do like to keep things varied with a lifestyle post here and there, but it doesn't come as naturally as beauty. Knowing where to draw the line when it comes to a personal post is hard. I mean, will people even care? Are people even bothered what I eat in a day? Let's face it, the title of this post is a bit excessive. Kick-ass? Hmm maybe. Put it this way, posting one of these posts will guarantee a read from me anyway! 


1. The blogs you read every day without fail
2. Your favourite YouTubers
3. How you effectively use a social media platform
4. How you edit your blog/instagram photos
5. How you plan your blog posts
6. Show us where you blog!
7. Which apps are essential to blogging?
8. Who is your biggest inspiration when it comes to blogging?
9. Share how you beat the blogging funk
10. What have been your highlights of your blogging career?
11. What blogging means to you
12. How do you take your blog photos?
13. Who are you loving on Instagram?
14. Share your tips on organisation
15. Do you have a bullet journal?
16. What are your blogging goals?


17. Take us on a tour of your local town and show us where to eat/drink/have fun!
18. What's on your travel bucket list?
19. Going away? Show us around the hotel room!
20. What's in your carry-on bag?
21. How do you combat travel nerves/anxiety?


21. What you do to work out?
22. Tips on staying healthy
23. How you chill out
24. How to get a good night's sleep
25. Show us what you eat in a day
26. What's your morning routine?
27. How do you stay positive?


28. What are you watching on Netflix right now?
29. Share your current playlist
30. Review a book you've just finished
31. What books are on your coffee table?


32. Facts about you
33. Tell us the highlights of your month
34. Give us your views on a popular issue
35. Show us a day in your life
36. Things to achieve before your next birthday
37. Write a letter to your younger self
38. Do you have any cool hobbies besides blogging?
39. Do you make use of any life hacks? Share them!
40. Reasons you love Spring/Summer/Autumn/Winter
41. Things you are thankful for
42. Have a cool career? Share how you got there!
43. Share some old photographs and memories! Have a giggle at your crazy childhood outfits!
44. What have you learnt from a family member?
45. Write a letter to a family member
46. Are you struggling with something? Be honest about it. Share it on your blog and maybe your readers can help!
47. Do you have any regrets in life?


48. Are you dating anyone? Share your tips!
49. Loved up? What do you love about being in a relationship?
50. Single? What have you learnt about being single.
51. Have a funny/embarassing dating experience? I want to hear about it!


52. Give us a tour of your house/bedroom
53. Are you redecorating? Show us a before and after!
54. Show us your favourite candle
55. Share a recipe
56. How to save money
57. Create a capsule wardrobe
58. Share your Interior inspiration
59. Got a pet? Tell us all about him/her!
60. Do you meal plan?
61. Ever hosted a dinner party? Share your tips?
62. What's on your bedside table?
63. Share a DIY!

64. I guess I should put "write a list like this" as one of the posts too!

Let me know if you post anything from my list! I hope this has been useful!

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