Behind The Blog #6: Thoughts on Vlogging

8 July 2016

Behind The Blog Thoughts on Vlogging

This month I decided to try my hand at vlogging and YouTube for the first time (check out my channel here). It's been something I've wanted to do for well over a year, and what better time than the present to throw yourself into the unknown. Vlogging is HARD. It's awkward, it's embarrassing, it shows angles of your face you never even thought existed. HELLO double triple chin. I've never been the most inept at expressing myself and forming a sentence. The editing process is torture. The realisation that if I'm editing out 90% of my video, is 90% of what I say IRL utter crap as well? Actually it probably is... 

As I write this, I'm about two weeks into my YouTube journey and it's not altogether terrible. It's getting easier by the day. That first day vlogging at the Bloggers Ball, I was hit by a wall of being unable to speak, unable to vlog in public. I never predicted having that mental barrier. Fast forwarding to this week, I'm vlogging again, and whilst I'm still shite, it's fine. I'm not quite so afraid of vlogging in public, even though I will do a quick scan of the area to make sure not too many people are around, and I've found myself enjoying it!

I've thrown myself into the editing process and have found it's something I really enjoy. Yes I lose whole days from it, and yes my blog/social media is suffering because gal can't keep up with both just yet, but a new challenge is exactly what I needed. I'm a perfectionist. I wanted to do a good job, and that's why I've waited until now to start making videos. I know everyone's first videos are terrible, and yes, a year from now, I'll cringe at mine, but I'm really proud of the the final edits I've had some really lovely comments so far, so thank you if you've been an utter babe and not told me I'm shit.


Behind The Blog Thoughts on Vlogging


I picked up two of the gorgeous new Hawaiian Tropic Body Mists and they're absolutely perfect for summer! I love Hawaiian Tropic as a brand, they're always my go-to for sun protection, so it's amazing that they are branching out into new products. 

This month I've been working with the lovely people at luxury home fragrance brand, M&J London to bring you the opportunity to win one of their stunning English Summer candles for yourselves. In keeping with Wimbledon, it's like Pimms/G&T in candle form. There's still a few days left to enter, go go go! (Ends 11/7).

Once again, this one is in my most read posts for the month. I think it's even become my most read of all time! I'm chatting all about one of The Body Shop's latest releases, the Drops of Light range. I've tried two products out of the range, the Essence Lotion and the Cleansing Foam and they're both aimed at brightening the skin. Plus, they smell amazing!

It's lovely to see so many of my fragrance-related posts in my most read, and this month has been all about the more budget options (although I have some more luxury perfume reviews coming up soon!). Britney Spears Island Fantasy Body Mist is the most gorgeous, fruity scent for summer, perfect for taking on holiday. It basically smells like cocktails...

This month, I took the time to give five of my favourite small or new YouTubers a bit of love. I only used to really watch popular vloggers, but I've really been enjoying discovering new channels recently. If you're in need of someone new to watch, definitely check out my list as they're all absolute babes! 


Behind The Blog Thoughts on Vlogging


I did a Blogger Spotlight interview post on the lovely Kimberly's blog, Blogs For Days. I chatted about everything from my holy grail beauty products, favourite candles and what I love about fragrance. Kimberly's blog is awesome - she posts a mix of lifestyle, personal and lust-worthy beauty and she's an absolute babe, so give the post a read here and give her some love too! 


As I mentioned in my Kitchen at The Cookie post, there has become such a sense of community and it's been so lovely to see the girls on more of a regular basis, especially Carpe Diem Emmie who I've been seeing weekly to chat #EastMidsMeetUp. It's been so lovely to have more events, and it's brilliant to see more local brands keen to work with bloggers.



Now this I have done, although I haven't added illustrations which was my original plan. I went for a change of font to match the fonts I use in my videos. It's still very simple but I'm a lot happier with this one!


I've been using a notebook more to plan my thoughts, as well as my Google Calendar with my blog schedule. However a lot of blog organisation has gone out of the window lately because of event planning and YouTube.


I've still been a bit AWOL on Twitter, and what even is Instagram? I did take part in a blogger chat earlier on in the week though and I absolutely loved it! It was so nice to chat about all things beauty (it was #bbloggers) and it felt so old school!


It's been on my to-do list for about 6 months but I finally bought business cards! I bought mine from VistaPrint and I'm really happy with them. I went for quite a simple design, although I've managed to fit quite a lot on the cards, and I hope I will get lots of use out of them at upcoming events (including the #BloggerTikiParty on Sunday!).


I guess my main goal is to stick to a schedule with YouTube and Blog posts. I'm aware I'm a bit behind with blog posts! I'd like to put up 2 videos a week (I'm leaning towards Wednesday and Saturday upload days), so maybe I'll try and fit in 3 blog posts a week perhaps. I've never been one for specific posting days on the blog, but I think it's the only way to ensure things don't get left behind!

What's been your highlight of the past month, and what are your blog goals?

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