July Beauty & Lifestyle Favourites

7 August 2016

July Beauty Lifestyle Favourites

I know it's well past the time when it's acceptable to post a July Favourites, but it's been a busy one as of late. There will be more on that in a future post (hopefully in the near future, come on Kirst, pull your socks up!). For now, I'll be chatting all about the things I've been loving over the last couple of weeks. There's a couple of beauty bits, some new skincare products and I've rekindled my love for burning candles! I have already posted this in video form, but it seemed like a shame to waste these photos! If you'd prefer to watch the video, you can either scroll to the bottom of this post or watch here.

I'm going to start off with skincare as that's one of the most hefty categories this month! I've never been overly into spray toners, with the exception of the Avene Eau Thermale Thermal Water Spray, which is always in my handbag in the summer months. Recently I've been branching out and I've found two new toner/facial spritzes that I absolutely love!

July Favourites Pure Spa UK The Body Shop

The first is The Body Shop Vitamin E Face Spritz (£9.50). This is one of The Body Shop's iconic products. I wanted a more hydrating mist that I could use to top up before I apply my makeup, but I've surprised myself and I've been using this to cool down and set my makeup too. It smells absolutely beautiful, as it contains rosewater, and it's such a lovely pick me up.

The other spritz is one that had me from the word go, and that is the PURE Refresh & Revive Face Spritz* (£14.50). This contains peppermint, so it is absolutely amazing at cooling down a sweaty face (yep, don't judge), and the aloe means it's not too drying too. I've been trialling out some of the PURE Spa UK skincare bits, so I won't waffle on too much here, but I'm absolutely loving them! I'm also really enjoying the Regulate & Clear Facial Oil* (£32). It contains ylang-ylang which is really relaxing, so I've been loving this before bedtime!

July Favourites Paul Mitchell Naturigin

I don't normally say too much on the topic of hair. I'm very much a lazy gal where that's concerned and I've stuck to the same hair care routine for over a year. This month I've given myself a kick up the butt and switched things up a little.  I don't often colour my hair, but recently I used a more natural branded dye and won't be going back! I used the Naturigin 4.6 Copper Brown* (£7.99) and was blown away by the vibrant colour, ease of the process and its mild smell. I actually wrote a full blog post on the product, but I feel like no words can actually express how happy I am to have found this product. It's not often I write a completely glowing review, but well... I've eaten my words here.

Red-based hair dyes unfortunately do have the tendency to fade quickly, so I like to use a shampoo and conditioner specifically for coloured hair. It was just by luck that I found the Paul Mitchell Ultimate Colour Repair range* in my #BloggerTikiParty goodie bag, so I've been putting it to good use these past few weeks. It smells amazing, and doesn't overly strip my hair.

July Favourites Bourjois MUA

I bought quite a few new beauty products at the end of the month, so I've not quite had them long enough for them to be called favourites, but I do have two products that I've been loving. The first is the MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Laquer (£3) in the shade Harmony. These liquid lipsticks are ridiculously affordable and have actually really surprised me. They are highly pigmented, long-lasting and not painfully drying on the lips as liquid lipsticks go. They also have a brilliant range of shades, some that are really unique. Harmony is a lovely pale nude. I usually struggle with lighter nudes because of my slightly darker lips, however paired with the Rimmel Tiramisu Lip Liner, this becomes perfect. I also have the shade Tranquility, which is a slightly darker, warm-toned nude. I really want to pick up more of them because they are fast becoming my favourite liquid lipsticks!

I also picked up the Bourjois Radiance Reveal Concealer (£7.99). Although I am completely smitten with my NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer, there was something about this one that was calling out my name. I actually find it quite similar in texture to the NARS. It has good coverage but still feels very fresh on the skin. It's also not so lightweight that it won't cover blemishes, and it's just an all-round good concealer. It's also billed as having 24-hour hydration with the addition of hyaluronic acid and Mont Blanc glacier water, so it's a decent choice if you have drier skin or you find your concealer creases (mine does when things get too dry, but I feel like it's different for everyone!).

July Favourites Yankee Candle

I couldn't do a favourites post without mentioning at least one thing fragranced and this month I feel like I've well and truly fallen back in love with burning candles. I've been loving lighting one before bed to create a cosy space, and recently I've been going for Yankee Candle Amber Moon (£8.99). It's a scent that I've loved ever since 2014, when it was launched as part of the Indian Summer collection, but I've only recently purchased it in jar form. It's a soft, feminine perfumed scent that creates a really nice, relaxing atmosphere. I think it's a really unique scent, with a little earthiness from amber, patchouli and sandalwood, but unfortunately it looks like it's being discontinued. It's high on my list of favourites so I'll be sure to pick up another jar before it goes.

The other candle that's been on my burn list is one of the new Yankee Candle summer releases, Dreamy Summer Nights (£1.80) from the Warm Summer Nights collection. On paper, this scent is about as far away from being up my street as it could be. It's warm, sweet and musky, and being a votive, it has a subtlety that I highly enjoy. It's like a twist on Fireside Treats (one of my faves), with its vanilla sugar and vanilla bean blend, with notes like vanilla, orchid, amber and sandalwood, that evoke the feeling of moonlight on the ocean.

I'm going to stop there, before this post gets too long. I actually did speak about a couple of other favourites, namely perfume, TV and events in my July Favourites video, so feel free to check that out below. Also, please leave me TV show recommendations, I'm coming to the end of my current series!

What have been your favourite products?

*This post features PR samples.

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