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20 September 2016

Maybelline Loaded Bold Creamy Matte Lipstick Dupes

Maybelline launched their popular line of Color Sensational Creamy Matte lipsticks a while ago, but I hadn't tried any of them yet. With this season's release (check out more Maybelline Autumn launches here) they have expanded their range with a ton of new shades, ranging from nudes and pinks, all the way up to the deep luscious berry colours that we all crave in the autumn and winter time. This season, they have introduced their Loaded Bold collection, a range that is quite expansive in the US. It seems they are testing the water with 4 shades here in the UK, so hopefully they'll add to that in the future.

The Loaded Bold lipsticks* (£6.99) are formulated with clay and honey nectar to create high impact, opaque colour with a creamy, comfortable matte finish. As matte lipsticks go, these are almost a satin finish as they are so hydrating. As they wear on the lips, they become more matte. The formula does seem to vary with each shade, with some being a lot more slippy and others being drier and trickier to apply.

Despite the variations in formula, the whole Maybelline matte range is brilliant quality for the drugstore, especially where mattes are concerned. There is a great range of shades, from nudes to classic reds to berry shades. When I was swatching the lipsticks, I realised that there were a few that seemed similar to some of my high end lipsticks shade-wise, so I decided to investigate a bit further.

Estee Lauder Restless Kendall Jenner Dupe Maybelline
Estee Lauder Restless Kendall Jenner Dupe


I immediately saw the similarities to last year's Kendall Jenner collab when I swatched Orange Danger. The Éstée Lauder Pure Color Envy Sculpting lipsticks (£25.50) are my all-time favourite matte formula, as they are just so pigmented and comfortable on the lips. I knew it would be hard for a drugstore lipstick to even come close to this! Orange Danger is a bright, almost neon, orangey red. It is slightly harder to apply compared to some of the shades as the formula is a little more slippy and you'll need to go over a couple of times to get an opaque colour. The Kendall collab is now sold out, so if you missed out and still love the shade, go and grab Maybelline Orange Danger!

Urban Decay Stark Naked Dupe Maybelline Clay Crush
Urban Decay Stark Naked Dupe Maybelline Clay Crush


Clay Crush is now the second nude shade in the matte collection, being slightly deeper and warmer than the one released in the original line. It is a gorgeous warm browny nude that is perfect for autumn. That kind of warm browny nude that is extremely popular at the moment. My Urban Decay Vice lipstick in Stark Naked* is similar, but not a perfect dupe. I have a feeling it'll also be very similar to Velvet Teddy too. The formula is very similar to the Urban Decay Comfort Mattes as they have that same creamy texture. Clay Crush applies effortlessly to the lips, and has one of the nicest formulas in the collection.

MAC Rebel Dupe Maybelline Berry Bossy
MAC Rebel Dupe Maybelline Berry Bossy


Berry Bossy is a rich raspberry plum plum shade that reminded me slightly of MAC Rebel. I was so surprised how similar the two were once I had swatched them! MAC Rebel has a satin finish, whereas Berry Bossy is of course, a matte, but it has one of the stiffest formulas out of all the Loaded Bolds. It was slightly patchy on application, but the drier formula lends itself to having more of a true matte finish. For me and bold shades, the matte-r the better, and I could see myself repurchasing this one rather than Rebel to save the £10!

Burberry Oxblood Dupe Maybelline Burgundy Blush


I was instantly drawn to the berry tones in the Loaded Bold & Creamy Matte collections. There are two that are very similar: Midnight Merlot and Burgundy Blush. The first is a deep burgundy with slight purple undertones and is in the Loaded Bolds collection. This one has a slippy formula so you'll need a lip brush to apply, and it transfers easily. The second, Burgundy Blush has a much better formula, which is more matte and doesn't apply at all patchy on to the lips. Burgundy Blush is very similar in tone to the Burberry Lip Velvet (£26) in Oxblood (review) which featured heavily on last autumn's catwalks. In fact, Burgundy Blush is actually more pigmented than Oxblood!

There are a few other shades in the Maybelline matte collections, including my personal favourite Fiery Fuchsia. This one is a bright raspberry pink which applies really smoothly and is highly pigmented. It reminds me a lot of MAC Girl About Town, which I don't own anymore so can't compare, but I'd be interested to see the two side by side. Finally we have Blushing Pout which is a light, blue toned almost purpley pink. It really reminds me of a Topshop lipstick I used to wear in uni. It isn't a shade I'd go for any more but not totally unwearable. There are also a few dupes in the original Creamy Mattes range. I've heard a lot about Divine Wine being a dupe for MAC Diva, and I'm sure there are a few others in there!

Have you tried this range? Do you know of any dupes?

*Post contains PR Samples kindly provided by Maybelline

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