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5 September 2016

Price's Candles Spiced Vanilla Fresh Air Candle

As soon as September 1st hits, we all go into Autumn mode, and if you haven't yet, shame on you. In contrast to previous years, I haven't been burning a whole lot of candles, only leaning to burning the odd one as I snuggle into bed with a book. I really love all the warm, spicy cinnamon scents that the cooler seasons bring, so now that's it's technically Autumn, it's time to up my game!

Prices Candles is a heritage British brand that established in 1830, providing light to the UK as there was no electricity back in the day (can you even imagine?). They have a huge range of home fragrance products ranging from classic Altar candles, all the way up to their Signature Jars. A couple of months ago, I tried out their Signature Fig & Anise scent and it is gorgeous (read about it here). It'll definitely be getting a few more burns this season! My newest discovery is Price's Fresh Air range, which has Odourfoyl technology to neutralise unwanted odours. We often get cigarette smoke smells coming through the walls from next door, which can be really frustrating, so I was keen to try this range out!

I've actually had the first of the two Fresh Air candles for a while, but was hesitant to burn it too much as it was such an Autumnal scent. Spiced Vanilla* (£5.26) is a rich, sweet vanilla scent, laden with luscious spices like cinnamon. The result is quite possibly the most perfect Autumn scent, and it's been a joy to burn these last couple of nights now that it's actually acceptable to. It's a limited edition scent, so if you love it as much as I do, stock up now! This one burns for up to 30 hours, making it seriously good value for just over a fiver! 

Price's Candles Open Window Fresh Air Candle

I've also been enjoying the Open Window Tin* (£4), which also contains the Fresh Air technology. This one contains notes of lily, violet and orange flower and it's a dead-ringer for Yankee Candle's fluffy towels. It is fresh and clean and ideal for communal areas of the home. I love scents like this when I've been cleaning the house. I like to open all the windows to let the fresh air in, and seeing as cooler weather is around the corner, this is the perfect alternative. This one somehow also burns for 30 hours, which is baffling as it is much smaller than the Spiced Vanilla jar candle!

I am really impressed with both the Spiced Vanilla and Open Window Fresh Air candles. I love burning Open Window in the daytime, and then Spiced Vanilla in the evening before I go to bed as it creates a really cosy atmosphere in a room. The Odourfoyl technology really does work to make the air smell really clean and fresh. It appears to neutralise odours, rather than mask them with an overpowering scent.

I've actually found these candles to be on the subtle side, the scents aren't too heavy, which is ideal for me as I don't like burning a lot of strong scents when I'm feeling tired or headachey. Price's Candles is definitely worth a look if you're in the market for a new scent for your home, especially if a lot of traditional candles don't cover up those unwanted whiffs!

What scents do you love to burn in the Autumn?

*This post contains PR samples kindly sent by Price's Candles.

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