Autumnal NARS One Brand Tutorial

21 October 2016

Autumnal NARS One Brand Tutorial

If you asked me what my favourite high-end brand was, or even "which high-end brand do you own the most products from?", I never really would have said NARS. Recently, I sat down and shuffled around my makeup, which I like to do on a monthly basis, and realised just how many NARS products I actually owned, in both palette form and individual products. There are some products I absolutely adore, as well as others I'm not so keen on, so I thought I'd bung it all in one chatty video, along with a little first impressions of their latest foundation release, the Velvet Matte Skin Tint.

As the title suggests, I'm well and truly channelling autumn, so in the process, I created a wearable fall-inspired daytime eye look, topped off with an easy berry lip. As I talked though the NARS products I own, it kind of highlighted all the products I didn't own, so I've added a good five products to my wishlist, ooops!

What are your fave NARS products?

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