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13 October 2016

Zoella Lifestyle Gingerbread Village Candle

Zoella says herself, she's obsessed with candles, as proven by her annual autumnal/christmas Bath & Body Works haul. Great, if only we could get those in the UK. She's tempted in her audience, only to drop her own line of home fragrance within her Zoella Lifestyle range. Aimed at an older target market than her beauty range, there is a selection of stationary, candles, reed diffusers and even a marble and rose gold travel mug. There's no doubting she's a blogger!

The range was was debuted with the most epic marketing campaign to date, the Zoella Apartment. Think a whole apartment decked out with the latest Zoella Lifestyle and Zoella beauty treats. After seeing this all over YouTube and Instagram, I knew I had to pick a few of the Zoella Lifestyle products up for myself, to see whether they could stand up as a credible home fragrance brand.

When they launched, I ordered a couple of products from the Superdrug website. I was buying blind, so I only had the scent descriptions to go by, but I ended up going for three of the six fragrances; Gingerbread Village, Lazy Days and Homemade Treats. Also in the range are My Eden and Daisy Picking, which are both floral scents, and Seaside Stroll. I've had the products for a few weeks now, but if you want to see a first impressions, you can scroll to the end or click here for my unboxing video and details of the giveaway on my YouTube channel. It ends on the 15th October so there's still a few days left to enter!

Zoella Lifestyle Gingerbread Village Candle

I'm going to start with the candles. There are 5 scents currently in the range, and I think Homemade Treats will be coming in candle form very soon. I noticed that the packaging lacks information on the wax type and burn time, two things that could potentially influence a buyer's decision, and I also struggled to find this information online.

Despite this error, the candles are packaged really nicely, with a different coloured box to match each scent. There is a little smelling hole in the top, and the box opens out to reveal a different pattern for each. Unsurprisingly, the inside of Gingerbread Village, is little iced gingerbread houses. It doesn't really serve a purpose, but it's so cute and a really unique touch. Inside reveals a simple glass jar with the scent name and Zoella branding, again in the corresponding colour. It's lovely to see a minimal design, rather than the younger style of the body products.

Zoella Lifestyle Gingerbread Village Candle

Gingerbread Village (£10) was a scent I knew i had to have as a) I love gingerbread, b) I love warm and cosy candles and c) it's perfect for the upcoming festive season. This one has the description: "Set your home aglow with the sweet, spicy warmth of gingerbread. Cosy up by the fire as fragrant scents of warm ginger, vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg fill the room".

Gingerbread Village smells delicious with a scent that matches the Bake My Day fragrance. It's not too sweet and not too spicy and will keep you happy all the way till Christmas. It burns down fairly cleanly, and gives off a good scent throw. The candles retail at £10, which isn't too bad considering the size but it certainly doesn't make them the cheapest candles on the market.

Zoella Lifestyle Lazy Days Gift Set

The other Candle that I picked up was Lazy Days, and I decided to get it in the Lazy Days Gift Set (£16), which came with a cosy pair of socks. The set is lovely for gifting, but in hindsight isn't the best value because would I really spend £6 on a single pair of socks? Lazy Days comes with grey lettering on the glass and is described as "Fill your room with the essence of calm. With notes of fresh linen and cotton, it’s the perfect scent for a lazy day".

I sometimes find cotton scents can be a bit sickly, but this is really fresh. It smells like it has some uplifting citrus notes to it. It makes a perfect neutral scent for communal areas of the house like the living room, and it's definitely one to burn when you've done a big clean of the house. The freshness mimics the feeling of opening the windows post-spring clean, so it's perfect to use in the winter when you physically can't do this in fear of freezing your butt off. I also think this would be a lovely scent in diffuser form, of which is also available.

Zoella Lifestyle Homemade Treats Diffuser

Moving on to the diffusers, and I only picked up one, Homemade Treats (£12), after reading it's delicious scent description. "Softly whipped buttercream and gooey salted caramel drizzled over home baked cupcakes. Bring some indulgence to your home with this delicious scent; (almost) good enough to eat!" The scent description sounded AMAZING, and after the success of the other two, I was so convinced it'd be a hit.

In all honesty, I was rather disappointed with the Homemade Treats Diffuser. I was disappointed in the scent, as it smelt a bit like alcohol, a bit vanillary and with a hint of wood. I also struggled to smell it in my box room, so for £12, I wasn't at all impressed as I've had diffusers for less than half the price that have been amazing. I've spoken to other people that have said theirs have been strong, so I don't know if I just got a dud, but I sure won't be repurchasing unfortunately!

Zoella Lifestyle Homemade Treats Diffuser

Despite the diffuser fail, overall I've been fairly impressed with the Zoella Lifestyle home fragrance products. I actually went to Superdrug to sniff the rest of the range, and none of the others really stood out to me, so it looks like I'll be sticking with Gingerbread Village and Lazy Days. As well as Superdrug, you can pick up the Zoella lifestle range from Boots and Debenhams, and they will be going into Waterstones stores next month too.

As I mentioned above, I'm running a giveaway over on my YouTube channel, where you can be in with the chance of winning a Lazy Days Gift Set, Hungry Hands Hand Cream and Secret Scenta fragrance set. All details will be in the video and you have until 15th October to enter, good luck!

Have you tried any of the Zoella Lifestyle products?

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