The Best of Behind The Scent 2016

29 December 2016

Best of Behind The Scent 2016

As 2016 draws to an end, it's only natural to get a bit nostalgic about the year that has passed. I for one have spent the last couple of days going back over old posts - it has become a bit of a tradition for me to give everything a bit of an update and a fresher feel just in time for the new year. I'm not going to ramble on too much about how ace 2016 has been for the blog, as that's all coming in a separate post talking about it being exactly one year since the rebrand. However in this post, I've taken a look over the last 365 days and 157 posts to see what's been rocking your socks. Here you will find the top 10 posts on Behind The Scent from 2016, so you can catch up before my annual Best of 2016 Beauty, Fragrance and Candle round-ups to finish off the year.

The Body Shop Drops of Light

The post topping the page views list this year came courtesy of The Body Shop Drops of Light collection, which I got the chance to test out before its launch. The collection of products, of which I tried out three, is aimed at brightening and adding radiance to the skin with a strong influence from Korean skincare trends. It still gets quite a lot of views via Google search to this day!

Penhaligon's Luna Endymion Concentré

I was really excited to work with British heritage brand Penhaligon's this year on the launch on their two new fragrances, Luna and Endymion Concentré. The brief was to create a creative piece, bringing in the classic Greek myth, and I put together a modern envisioning of the tale. The fragrances were inspired by the male and female protagonists, and Luna has become one of my favourites with its modern take on the classic English rose.

William & Joseph Spring Candle Trio Giveaway

I worked with independent candle brand, William & Joseph in the spring to showcase three of their gorgeous seasonal scents: Plum & Rhubarb, Prosecco & Orange and Cucumber & Wasabi. All are wonderfully fresh and burn really well due to the soy wax. I predict great things for the brand in 2017 as they have created a subscription candle box, based on their popular line of literary-inspired scents.

Christmas Gift Guide Fragrance Perfume M&J London Candle Giveaway

2016 was the first year that I put together a Christmas Gift Guide, and whilst initially I was worried that I had left it a little too late and wouldn't have enough items for it, I was really pleased with the outcome. I decided to focus on fragrance-based products, and included a mix from brands including So...? With Attitude, Dragonfly Tea, and M&J London, who kindly provided one of their beautiful Bavarian Winter candles for one of my readers to win. 

10 Do's & Don'ts for New Bloggers

This is one of two Blogging Tips posts in this list. Inspired by behaviours and attitudes I'd seen some newer bloggers displaying, I decided to write a guide which included some useful tips for things like promoting your posts, as well as pointing out some of the things that aren't seen as appropriate, like spamming and copying. It seemed to go down really well, and it was fun to write a post that was a bit more on the helpful side. 

I think this was actually a bit of an impromptu post, created as I was cleaning my makeup brushes and realising that most of them were on the more affordable end of the spectrum. In the mix is one non-drugstore offering because I simply can't do my makeup without my MAC 217, as well as brushes from RealTechniques, Nanshy and even one artist brush that has really upped my eyeliner game!

Hawaiian Tropic Fragrance Mists Review

I'm not sure exactly how this post managed to be so popular, but I love me some body mists and clearly so does everyone else! Hawaiian Tropic is one of my go-to brands when it comes to sun protection and summer body care, so when I saw that they released a line of body mists this summer, I quickly jumped on the bandwagon! I picked up two out of the four, the exotic passionfruit scent Summer Dreams and my personal favourite: Hawaiian Paradise which has a bit of a Bronze Goddess-esque coconut scent. This post also contains some of my favourite images, I got really into creating bright, themed flatlays during the summer, something I'd like to do more of in 2017.

64 Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas

This post was one that sat in my drafts for such a long time, and I randomly decided to finish it and pop it up, just before heading for afternoon tea to celebrate blogger pal Charlotte's birthday! As the name suggests, I came up with a 64-strong list of lifestyle blog post ideas, perfect for filling the gaps in your editorial calendar. I got such great feedback from this post, and it did particularly well on Bloglovin', gaining a whopping 59 loves and 80 saves! I'd be surprised if a post could top that in 2017!

M&J London English Summer Candle Giveaway Review

Recognise M&J London from my Christmas Gift Guide post above? You're right! I first discovered the brand early this year when they offered to send me one of their candles, and suckered in by the scent description, I chose English Summer. We decided to coincide the post with Wimbledon, as the scent really does combine the best of the British summer. It has notes of cucumber, mint, strawberries and Champagne, and it really gives off that Pimms/G&T vibe. It's so unique amongst my collection and I'm so excited to get burning it next summer!

Queen Tea Morning Cuppa Detox Box Review

Lastly, I come onto my final post in my list of Top 10 Most Popular, and that crown goes to my review of the Queen Tea Cosmetics Detox Box. This was a bit of a surprise hit, with a lot of the views coming from Stumbleupon. I really should get to grips with that platform in 2017! Anyway, the Detox Box is a nifty little kit with two bath tea bags and a sachet of bath milk, both with an uplifting citrus scent. I love tea, I love baths, it's a no-brainer!

Thanks so much for reading my blog during 2016!

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