The So...? Body Mist Collection

15 December 2016

So Body Mist collection review

So...? is a brand that people associate so heavily with their childhood. Yes, we all used So...? Kiss Me  (which I actually really like and will be reviewing soon) in the changing rooms, but I feel like they're really trying hard to steer themselves into a new direction with their branding and their latest launch of fragrances. Basically, the brand is just as sassy as it was when your biggest problems were figuring out who's your BFF of the week, looking FIT AS with your three shades too dark Dream Matte Mousse, and being the last one picked in PE...

Back in the autumn, So...? released their newest range of body mists, with six different fragrances. They are exclusive to Superdrug and priced at £3.99 for 100ml, which puts them in a similar price range as Body Fantasies. The packaging is a complete 180 from their original line of scents (which you will see on the blog in the near future). It is very sleek and up to date, with each fragrance having a different colour bottle and design.

I have five out of the six fragrances, and was kindly gifted them from the Blogosphere Christmas Market Event (post). I thought I grabbed all six, but annoyingly I'd picked up two of the same scent, so I passed that one on to a friend and intended on buying the last one. The one I didn't have was Fresh Musk, and I smelt it in store and wasn't the hugest fan of it, so I decided to pass on it.

So Body Mist collection review

The first scent that I tried was So...? Floriental which is described as a floral fruity scent with notes of mandarin, apple, pear, freesia, violet, caramel and amber. It has a delicate spicy note to it, and honestly I didn't expect to like it as much as I do. It is a nice, subtle every day scent that smells a lot more sophisticated than the price tag. This one also is my favourite in terms of packaging, I love the contrast of the aqua and pink!

I'm a fan of fruity scents so I was really excited to try So...? Fruity. It has notes of mandarin and peach, with lily of the valley and cedar wood. It isn't as tropical smelling as I expected it to be, and it smells a bit shampoo-like (which seems to be a recurring theme amongst these scents), with the peach and white florals being the dominant notes. I expected to really like this one, but it reminded me slightly of cleaning products. My Mum really likes it though.

As soon as I smelt So...? Vanilla Milkshake at the Blogosphere event, I was hooked. It has notes of sweet vanilla, peach and plum, and really just smells like you would expect: sweet, vanillary and delicious. It reminds me a lot of Laura Mercier Eau Gourmande Almond Coconut, which is one of my favourite scents for winter. This is a great one for throwing in your bag and topping up throughout the day! If you're a fan of gourmand scents, you'll love this!

So Body Mist collection review

In a similar way to So...? Fruity, I was buzzing to try So...? Watermelon. My current fave drink is the watermelon-y goodness of Levi Roots Jamaican Sunset, so I was secretly hoping this would be the perfume version of that. Sadly I was disappointed, and instead it is a blend of watermelon, red berries and apple blossom. It is more of a fresh than a sweet scent, and smells similar to DKNY Be Delicious or Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Girl, with its dominant notes of apple and citrus.

So...? White Petals is described as being delicate and fresh, with notes of bergamot, freesia, waterlily, white musk and cedar. To me, I don't think this one actually smells overly floral, which I was expecting from the name. The bergamot almost gives the opening a grapefruit like accord. Again, it's a little shampoo-esque, with a certain sweetness, and isn't really to my taste but I can imagine quite a lot of people liking this one.

Lastly, we have So...? Fresh Musk, which I decided not to pick up. It has notes of mandarin, peach, jasmine, and lily of the valley, and I also assume there is a white musk note somewhere in there. I don't really like white musk scents (which is why I passed on this one), but if you do, I can imagine you'll really like this one.

I'm a big fan of body mists in general, and I much prefer them to traditional aerosol body sprays that the brand previously championed. I find they last a decent amount of time on the skin, but are lighter and more refreshing, making them great for everyday. This collection brings a fresh new look for the brand, bringing them closer to the likes of Victoria Secret and Body Fantasies (which I reviewed here) however I prefer these to the latter, as I think the scents are slightly more sophisticated and have more complex compositions.

Not all of the scents in the So...? Body Mist Collection were my cup of tea, but I would happily put Vanilla Milkshake and Floriental into my daily rotation, as those were my favourites out of the collection. There's a scent to suit most tastes but be aware that some of the names don't accurately represent what is inside the bottles, for example White Petals isn't overly floral to me. I do really love the packaging as it is attractively designed and is a great size for throwing in handbags/school bags/gym bags for a refresh. Being super affordable, they also make great gifts this time of year too.

Will you be checking out the So...? Body Mist Collection?

Post contains gifted products from So...? via the Blogosphere Christmas Market event, of which I paid for a ticket.
This does not affect my views and I will always give my honest opinion of a product.

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