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22 December 2016

Reload Review fragrance perfume scent

Reload is an innovative new brand that I came across recently, and as soon as I saw it, I was really excited by the concept. Hailed as "the first lifestyle mini-spray", it offers an upgrade to the traditional atomiser, by giving you the option of your favourite scent or Reload's signature fragrances. There are so many ways to customise the system, which especially makes it perfect for gifting this time of year (if you've left your Christmas shopping particularly late that is!).

I was kindly sent one of their Discovery Boxes, which comes in lovely packaging, with the magnetic box, and it really feels like a treat! Inside my box was the Mini-Spray which comes with the standard white skin, as well as the Vichy Rose Skin, and three fragrances, one from each of their fragrance collections. If you order four fragrances and a Mini-Spray from the Reload website, they'll package it up as a Discovery Box, or alternatively you can pick up a ready made box for each of the fragrance groups for £34.95.

Reload Review fragrance perfume scent

The Mini-Spray* (£9.95) is small enough to fit in your palm, with silver detailing and a sleek design. It looks and feels luxurious, with a nice weightiness to it (although it's not heavy at all in your handbag!). It comes as standard with your choice of black or white skins, but there are other designs available, like the Vichy Rose* (£12.90) one which I have. This makes the Mini-Spray look really pretty and makes it easy to find in your bag. True to the Reload aesthetic, you can also customise the skins and design your own, which is such a cool feature! I do find the skins to be quite expensive however, with many exceeding the price of the actual Mini-Spray.

Reload Mini-Spray
Reload #moments

Onto the most important bit, the fragrance inside! There are two routes to go with Reload, either buy a Refillable Refill (£6.95), which you can fill with your favourite fragrance, or choose one from their own range, #Moments by Reload. Their line of scents is split into three different collections made for different moments in your life: Travel, Lifestyle and Night, each featuring four scents.

Each perfume refill costs just £5 for 5ml. All of the scents are Eau de Toilettes but I've found them surprisingly strong and long lasting. With # as the names, this is definitely the brand for the Instagram generation, and they manage to utilise this concept in a surprisingly non-cringey way, perhaps with the exception of the #Swag name. Reload have a really cool aesthetic and they have nailed their target audience. I can see these being particularly popular with teens to those in their twenties, due to its affordability.

Reload #moments
Reload #moments #wellbeing

First is the Lifestyle collection, which has four scents: reload #workout, reload #fashion, reload #newday and reload #wellbeing*. I was sent the latter of the four to try out, to my delight as fig is my all-time favourite note when it comes to fragrance! I was really keen to see how this compared to Diptyque Philosykos. It is described as a soft fragrance to awaken your senses and make your soul happy, with notes of fig, fig leaf and orange flower. As soon as you spritz this, it is instantly recognisable as sweet fig, with the green of the fig notes emerging as the scent settles. The orange flower adds a touch of floral femininity, making it a really beautiful fragrance, and you'd never guess that this costs £5!

The rest of the collection...

reload #workout: The energy to push the limits. Our perfumer has created a lively fragrance to boost your inner strength with notes of orange, peach and tutti frutti. 

reload #fashion: All about expression and attitude. Our perfumer has created a trendy fragrance to perfect your style with notes of red fruits, rose and patchouli.

reload #newday: Today is your day. Our perfumer has created a shiny fragrance to live every day on a fresh start with notes of bergamot, white tea and vetiver.

Reload #moments #ibiza

Moving onto the Travel collection, I'm quite a big believer that scent can transport you back to a place, and love having a new fragrance to take on a trip. There is reload #NewYork, reload #Berlin, reload #Toyko and reload #Ibiza*, which I have. This is a solar fragrance, with a similar vibe to Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess and it has notes of bergamot, ylang ylang and vanilla. The ylang ylang, which can often be quite overpowering, takes on a really pretty accord here, mixed with the bergamot. As the scent warms on the skin, the vanilla emerges. I'm so excited to wear this in the summer, it's such a gorgeous scent. You could even combine it with a coconut lotion to enhance that tropical feel. I'd love to see Reload add more cities to the Travel collection, for example Paris, London, Rome etc...

The rest of the collection...

reload #NewYork: Our perfumer has created an intense fragrance to dive into the energy of the city with notes of juniper, lavender and marine notes.

reload #Berlin: Freedom in the city. Our perfumer has created a vintage fragrance to reveal your authenticity with notes of lemon, patchouli and an aromatic accord.

reload #Tokyo: Where tradition meets modernity. Our perfumer has created a vibrating fragrance to feel the rhythm of the city with notes of pear, cherry and cherry blossom.

Reload #moments #famous

Lastly we have the Night collection, which has four scents designed for wearing at all those glamorous evening events. There is reload #swag, reload #nightlife, reload #insomnia and reload #famous*, which I have. #famous is described as a sparkling, elegant fragrance for an unforgettable signature, with notes of iris, praline and patchouli. The initial spritz wasn't what I expected, with the iris giving the scent a fresh, powdery feel. The praline makes an appearance to add body to the scent, without being overpowering like in most gourmand fragrances. It isn't a really heady scent, even though it is designed for night time wear. It does have an impressive scent throw however, so it is the best of both worlds! I really didn't expect to like this, but have been pleasantly surprised.

The rest of the collection...

reload #swag: Your vibes attract your tribe. Our perfumer has created a smooth fragrance to reveal your style with notes of honey, tonka bean and a smoky accord.

reload #nightlife: Crazy nights make the best memories. Our perfumer has created a sexy fragrance to bring on the night with raspberry, rum and vanilla.

reload #insomnia: Cool kids never sleep. Our perfumer has created an addictive fragrance to dance the night away with notes of apple, cinnamon and cedarwood.

Reload mini spray review

Overall I am really impressed with the Reload system and as a new brand, I hope more people catch on as it is a great idea. It offers the portability of a traditional atomiser, with a ton of personalisation options, all at a really great price point. I enjoyed all three of the scents that I have tried, with #wellness being my favourite. I'm really intrigued to see what the rest of the range is like, so I'm sure I'll be expanding my collection in the new year. I'd recommend this to anyone that wants a high quality scent without breaking the bank. If you know someone that is just getting into perfume and you're yet to pick up a gift for them this Christmas, Reload is just the thing!

What do you think of Reload?

*Post contains PR samples kindly sent on behalf of Reload.
This does not affect my views and I will always give my honest opinion of a product.

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