The Scent Diaries #3: Feeling Festive!

19 December 2016

Aromand Citrus Cinnamon Spice Diffuser

One of the things I love most about Christmas is creating a festive atmosphere in the home, and the main way I like to do that (before the decorations come out, and yes, they're finally up!) is via home fragrance. This Christmas season, I've discovered two gorgeous scents that are just perfect for this time of year and really capture that festive spirit. I also really love mixing up my perfumes come winter in favour of scents with a bit more body that really come into their own in the cooler weather. Here's a look at five scents for both the body and home that I've been enjoying...

Aromand Citrus Cinnamon Spice

Something that has really injected that bit of Christmas cheer into our home has been the Aromand Reed Diffuser* in the scent Citrus Cinnamon Spice. I've been seriously impressed with this, as I didn't have much luck with the Zoella Lifestyle diffuser I bought recently (read the post). It has a gorgeous, true to life scent, that smells just like fresh orange and cinnamon, and the scent projects really well throughout the room. I even get hints of it as I walk through my front door! I adore the packaging too, I love the gold accents and the colour of the oil really suits the season.

M&J London Bavarian Winter

Another home fragrance item that you're probably bored of me banging on about now is the M&J London Bavarian Winter Candle* (full review), but honestly it's just the most perfect Christmas candle for me. The scent is based on that of a Christmas market, with notes of blackcurrant, cinnamon, clove and vanilla. The scent is traditional, but also really luxurious, and it fragrances the room in a really beautiful way. It isn't overpowering in the slightest and I find it really comforting and cosy.

Laura Mercier Eau Gourmande Almond Coconut Milk

Laura Mercier Eau Gourmande Almond Coconut Milk

One that has been a bit of a surprise love for me is Laura Mercier Almond Coconut. This has notes of rosemary, tonka bean, almond, coconut, musk, vanilla, jasmine, heliotrope, ylang-ylang and brazilian rosewood. It is really sweet and has dominant notes of vanilla and coconut, but it also has quite a strong base, which usually I dislike. However when I catch a whiff of this on me out and about, it just smells so nice and comforting. I wouldn't wear this in the summer as it could be quite cloying, but it really works in the cold weather.

Zoella Beauty Bake My Day

A new scent that I have discovered this year is Zoella Beauty Bake My Day. This is actually a body mist that smells of pure gingerbread, and given my recent obsession with biscuits, it's no surprise that I love this. It's not overpowering, so is great for an every day scent. I've been wearing this a lot in the house because honestly, I'm not sure how acceptable it is to walk around town smelling like gingerbread? It is sweet, with a subtle spice and I just love the scent so much. I particularly like that it is a pure foodie scent, rather than having the heady base notes that made me dislike the Sweet Inspirations scent. Yum!

Alaia Paris Eau de Parfum

Alaia Paris 

Alaia Paris is a scent I first discovered last winter, and I absolutely loved its simple composition. Based on Tunisian terracotta, it's quite strong at first, but the dry down is beautiful, a soft, warm, leather skinscent. I pulled it out recently for the last few squirts of my sample vial, and decided at that point that I wanted to smell of it's luxurious leather floral mix all the time (or at least in the cooler weather). I haven't yet found a "signature scent", but I feel like this could be a strong contender. I'll report back when I get a full size bottle!

Which winter candles and fragrances are you loving right now? 

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