Blog Rebrand: One Year On & 2017 Goals

1 January 2017

2017 blog goals

So this time one year ago, I'd had my blog on "private" for a rebrand, and a big part of that was a name-change and developing my niche. One year on, how do I feel about it? And what are my goals for 2017? I'd recommend grabbing a cuppa because this is going to be a ramble...

I'm so glad I changed the name of my blog. Kimamely Beauty was weird AF to say aloud, and I struggled when I wasn't feeling it with the beauty content. I chose the name Behind The Scent to reflect my love of fragrance, and honestly, I haven't written as many fragrance posts as I'd have liked. In 2017 I would like to up my scent-related content, with more of a focus on perfumes.

Last year I covered a lot of candle reviews, and that no longer suits me as a person. I've spoken about this briefly on the blog I'm sure, but mostly ranted to friends. I'm not able to burn candles as much as I'd like, which is why you'll rarely see them in my empties. I've really had a change in my mentality when it comes to materialistic items, and in line with wanting to lead a more minimalist lifestyle, I just can't keep adding to my collection. Maybe I'll make a rare exception if I fall in love with a scent, but for the time being, you won't be seeing any many new candles on this blog this year.

Beauty content will continue to be a big player on the blog, but I'll be refining my approach slightly. I mentioned briefly above about wanting to lead a more minimalist life, and by that, I mean I'm a serious hoarder, as well as an impulse-purchaser. I have drawers full of beauty products, whilst I'll still be writing beauty reviews and round-ups, I won't be purchasing anything new unless I've ran out of something (in theory). I started my Project Pan in December, which I'm excited about, and as ever, I love a good empties post. I would still like to do more individual product reviews over the next year, and I'd like a good mix of those and beauty round-up posts like my 5 Ways to Set Your Makeup post.

2017 blog goals


Another change this year has been my attitude towards lifestyle and event posts. I love being social and bonding with other bloggers over a glass of prosecco, but when I hit home, that's where the glitter fades. I just don't think event-based posts have as much of a place on this blog, as well as other lifestyle topics, such as food. I just don't want to force myself to write content I'm not proud of. I will however make an exception if the event is beauty or fragrance based, or it sounds pretty bloody special, like the Gin Festival (because who can say no to GIN?) and the Bru Christmas Menu Launch (because a) cake, and b) it's my fave place besides my home). I'd much rather give coverage on social media, or if it's a product launch, write about the products instead, and that's something I'll be stricter with this year, only saying "yes" to those golden opportunities.


So err... YouTube happened last year. I took the plunge and put myself on the internet in full HD. To my surprise, I actually enjoyed YouTube a lot and it wasn't as cringey as I thought it'd be. I liked the creative challenge of putting a video together, especially with vlogs, and I love the fact that it's a permanent reminder of some of the best days. YouTube was fun until I had laptop problems meaning that I couldn't edit my videos properly, so I'll be putting the videos on the back-burner for now until I upgrade my tech.

Meeting Bloggers

I got to meet some of my favourite internet people last year! I briefly met Caz at the Blogger's Ball in the summer. I was over the moon to meet my two faves Fiona and AJ at the Blogger's Blog Awards in October, and they were every bit as lovely as I'd hoped. You know when you've been chatting to people online for so long that when you do meet them, it feels like you've met a thousand times before? The only downside is that they both live in Scotland, like let's all move closer plz??? I also met so many other amazing bloggers at that event, and everyone was so lovely. Sometimes you can feel a bit invisible with so many bloggers in the community, and it's always a little bit heartwarming when bloggers are just as excited to meet you as you are them.

Working with fab brands

I got to work with some amazing brands this year, and some that were on my mental blogging bucket list, including Maybelline, L'Occitane and La Roche Posay and Debenhams. Having some of your favourite brands and stores recognise that you're doing a good thing is an amazing feeling. I also got the chance to experience brands that I'd not bought from before, like Penhaligon's, and Jo Malone and Lancome via the amazing World Duty Free event. One of my main goals for the next year is to work with more brands that I genuinely love, those that I would wholeheartedly recommend and spend my money on.


Lastly, I want to chat about photography. Towards the end of last year, I became incredibly inspired with photography, and realised just how much I loved photographing people. I began shooting outfit shots for other bloggers, and the more excited I got about that, the less keen I was to shoot static product shots. I felt like I got into a bit of a rut with my blog photography and it became a bit of a chore, which I'm definitely going to change this year!

2017 blog goals

Some more goals...

Post on my blog at least 3 times a week 

 Reach 6000 Twitter followers
Reach 3250 Instagram followers
Reach 2250 Bloglovin' followers
Reach 1000 Pinterest followers
Reach 850 Facebook likes
Post on Instagram at least once a day
Comment on more blogs 

What are your goals for 2017?

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  1. I'd like to grow on all my channels, improve my photography and just enjoy blogging again as much as I used to 💕


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